Post Graduate


6 Semesters (3 years)


Eligibility Criteria

18 Years of Education, MS/MPhil Civil Engineering or Equivalent degree from HEC recognized university with minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA in semester system or 60% marks in annual system. A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test administered by the Education Testing Service, or a graduate admission test administered by the Education Testing Council, or an equivalent TUF test developed by TUF is mandatory to pass.

ADP Graphic Design

ADP Interior Design

MBA Executive


PhD Optometry

PhD Physics


OPEN 2023


• The graduates of the program will possess a strong technical background as well as analytical, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills that enable them to excel as professionals contributing to a variety of engineering roles within the various fields of civil engineering and the high-tech industry.

• The graduates of the postgraduate program are expected to be employed in positions including (but not limited to) design engineers, applications engineers, field engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, irrigation engineers, hydraulics engineers and transportation engineers, research and development departments in universities as well as industries.

• The graduates will be committed to professional development and lifelong learning by engaging in professional or graduate education in order to stay current in their field and achieve continued professional growth.

• The graduates will be working as effective team members possessing excellent oral and written communication skills, and assuming technical and managerial leadership roles throughout their career.


Postgraduate program in Civil Engineering at The University of Faisalabad prepare the graduates to think beyond core areas in order to make argument at any forum for conclusions and make them technically sound, morally and ethically good professionals, to contribute effectively to their tasks and country. Graduates can specializes in the fields of Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Hydraulic and Irrigation Engineering.


The possible program structure for Doctor Program if student has completed his/her MS/Equivalent with 24 credit hours of course work is as follows:

Serial Activity Credit Hour
1. Course work 24
2. Thesis 6
Total 30

Semester 1

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
SS-500 Research Methodology 3(3-0)
  Elective-I 3(3-0)
  Elective-II 3(3-0)
  Elective-III 3(3-0)
Total credit hours for the 1st semester 12

Semester 2

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
MA-601 Advanced Probability and Statistics 3(3-0)
  Elective-IV 3(3-0)
  Elective-V 3(3-0)
  Elective-VI 3(3-0)
Total credit hours for the 2nd semester 12

Semester 3

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
CE-602 Comprehensive Exam 0
CE-603 Thesis Work (continue) 6
Total credit hours for the 3rd semester  

Semester 4

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
CE-603 Thesis Work (continue)  
Total credit hours for the 4th semester  

Semester 5

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
CE-603 Thesis Work (continue)  
Total Credit hours for the 5th semester  

Semester 6

Course Code Subject Credit Hour
CE-603 Thesis Work 6
Total Credit hours for the 6th semester 6
Total Credit hours for PhD Program (minimum) 30


Elective Courses (each of 3 (3-0) credit hour)


Courses will be offered in four specialties:

Course Code Course Title
Geotechnical Engineering
GE-501 Foundation Engineering
GE-502 Advance Soil Mechanics
GE-503 Deep Foundations
GE-504 Geotechnical Investigations
GE-505 Dam Engineering
GE-506 Soil Improvement Techniques
GE-507 Rock Mechanics
GE-508 Earth retaining structures
GE-509 Soil Dynamics
GE-510 Environmental Geo-techniques
GE-511 Slope Stability
GE- 512 Earth Reinforcement
Transportation Engineering
TE-501 Transportation Planning and Engineering
TE-502 Pavement Analysis and Design
TE-503 Traffic Engineering and Management
TE-504 Airport Planning and Design
TE-505 Railway Engineering
TE-506 Highway Construction Materials and Equipment
TE-507 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
TE-508 Geometric Design and Highway Safety
TE-509 Geotechnical Aspects of Highways
TE-510 Transportation Economics
TE-511 Harbour and Dock Engineering
TE-512 Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering
HI-501 Hydraulic Structures
HI-502 Hydropower Engineering
HI-503 Irrigation Engineering and Practices
HI-504 Groundwater Engineering
HI-505 Application of RS and GIS
HI-506 Advance Open Channel Hydraulics
HI-507 Soil Erosion and Watershed Management
HI-508 Applied Hydrology
HI-509 Sediment Transport
HI-510 Watershed Management
HI-511 Water supply and Sewerage system design
HI-512 Irrigation System Design and Management
Structural Engineering
SE-501 Durability of Concrete Structures
SE-502 Advanced Reinforced Concrete
SE-503 Properties of Structural Materials
SE-504 Prestressed Concrete
SE-505 Bridge Engineering
SE-506 Seismic Analysis and Design
SE-507 Advance Structure Analysis and Design
SE-508 Advanced Steel Structures
SE-509 Repair, Maintenance and strengthening of Structures
SE-510 Design of Masonry Structures
SE-511 Seismology and Earthquake Engineering
SE-512 Computational Modeling of Materials and Structures
SS-500 Research Methodology
MA-601 Advanced Probability and Statistics
CE-602 Comprehensive Exam
CE-603 Supervised Research (PhD Thesis)