BS Shariah (Islamic Fiqh)






4 Years and 8 Semesters


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with minimum 45% marks or equivalent

ADP Graphic Design

ADP Interior Design

MBA Executive


PhD Optometry

PhD Physics


OPEN 2023



TUF is launching a new program in the name of BS in Shariah (Islamic Fiqh), which shall be started from Fall-2022 semester. This program is going to replace BS in Islamic Studies as this new program is aligned with the international standards being set out in Madina University, Umm ul Qura University and Al-Azhar University. The future prospects of this program shall be international. For this purpose advertisement has already been shared via the website and other social media platforms.


The Department of Law was established in Fall 2021. It is now in the initial stage of becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of legal education, Islamic Fiqh and Criminology in Pakistan. The teaching methodology is designed to enable our students to acquire professional skills and enhance their capacity of analysis, research and writing, problem solving and professional responsibility.


The main objective of the program is to provide quality legal education to the young aspirants of the filed. To honor and achieve this objective, we will try to produce such graduates who will excel and shine in the local market. We will also train them in a way that they also become able and eligible to compete in the international job market related to law. The main equipment of the students

Eligibility Criteria:

  • F.A/F.Sc with at least 45% marks
  • Shahadat al-Sanvia Khassa with at least 45% Marks



The vision of this program is to produce quality graduates who should have a strong grip on Islamic Laws/ Fiqh/ Usul al Fiqh/ Islamic International Law/ Islamic Commercial Law and so on. This program shall help in solving the contemporary issues related to Islamic laws in Pakistan specifically, and in the entire Islamic world generally.


The mission of this degree program is the extension of the above vision, as it would help us impart quality education of Islamic Fiqh for the accomplishment of the greater goal of producing experts of Islamic Law who could have excellent expertise in classical Islamic fiqh and in the light of that classical knowledge they solve the contemporary issues of the Muslim Ummah. The program has the following goals:

  • The programme aims to produce high quality graduates who may lead the Islamic world in the knowledge of Fiqh and Shariah
  • The focus of the programme is to produce high quality and international standard research that shall highlight the importance of the classical Fiqh and how it is supposed to cope up with the contemporary problems; and
  • The programme intends to formulate innovative techniques for the teaching and training of Islamic laws that shall be aligned with the international standards of Islamic Legal Education.

Semester 1

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-101 Functional Arabic Language(1) 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-102 Terminology Legal Islamic 03 (3-0)
3 ENG-101 English-I 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-103 Introduction to Economics/ Islamic Economics 03 (3-0)
5 CS-101 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology 03 (3-0)
6 LLB-105 Introduction to Law 03 (3-0)
7 ISL-103 Teachings of the Holy Quran 01 (1-0)
    Credit Hours 19

Semester 2

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-104 Functional Arabic language (2) 03 (3-0)
2 ENG-102 English-II 03 (3-0)
3 MGT-101 Entrepreneurship 03 (3-0)
4 PS-101 Pakistan Studies 02 (2-0)
5 GEN-101 Introduction to Sociology 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-105 Textual Study of Fiqh – I 03 (3-0)
7 ISL-104 Teachings of the Holy Quran 01 (1-0)
    Credit Hours 18

Semester 3

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-201 Legal Study of the Qur’an 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-202 Usul-ul-Fiqh-I 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-203 Legal Study of the Sunnah 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-204 Textual Study of Fiqh – II 03 (3-0)
5 GEN-201 English-III 03 (3-0)
6 LLB-124 Introduction to Legal system of Pakistan 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18

Semester 4

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-206 Commutative and Gratuitous Contract 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-207 Islamic Legal History 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-208 Islamic Family Law – I 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-209 Arabic Theoric 03 (3-0)
5 BSS-210 Usul-ul-Fiqh-II 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-211 Islamic Criminal Law-1 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18

Semester 5

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-301 Islamic Family Law – II 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-302 Islamic Criminal Law-2 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-303 Islamic Law of Partnership 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-304 Usul-ul-Fiqh-III 03 (3-0)
5 BSS-305 Islamic Law of Banking 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-306 Islamic Law of Torts 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18

Semester 6

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-307 Islamic Law of Surety Ship 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-308 Theories of Islamic Law. (Theory of Contract.) 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-309 Usul-ul-Fiqh-IV 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-310 Ijtihad and Taqleed 03 (3-0)
5 BSS-311 Islamic Law of Constitution 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-312 Current Jurisprudential Issues 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18

Semester 7

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-401 Islamic International Law 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-402 Islamic Procedural Laws 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-403 Maqasid al-Shariah 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-404 Islamic Legal Maxims 03 (3-0)
5 BSS-405 Criminal Laws of Pakistan (relevant provisions of PPC, Hudood Ordinances and Qisas o Diyat Ordinance) 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-406 Adab al-Mufti 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18

Semester 8

S. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BSS-407 Contemporary challenges to Islamic Law & Jurisprudence 03 (3-0)
2 BSS-408 Islamization of Laws in Pakistan 03 (3-0)
3 BSS-409 Pre & Post Modernization: Family Laws of Islam 03 (3-0)
4 BSS-410 Research Methodology 03 (3-0)
5 BSS-411 Evolution of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence in Modern Age 03 (3-0)
6 BSS-411 Research Project/Thesis 03 (3-0)
    Total Credit Hours 18
    Grand Total 145