Repeating Semester


The Rector, on the recommendations of the Head of School may allow migration/transfer of credits of students from HEC recognized Institutions to the University, provided that: The institution concerned agree for the migration/transfer of credits of such a student;

Migration /transfer of credits cases shall initially be scrutinized by the Head of School concerned.

Eligible candidates must satisfy the following conditions:

A student must fulfill the required entry qualification of the program.

A student, who has been dropped out, rusticated, expelled, or whose entry in the parent institute was banned for any reason whatsoever at any time during his/her academic career, the case for transfer of credits shall not be considered.

Courses with credit hours and course contents equivalent to the degree program, shall be considered for transfer.

Exempted courses along with their credit hours shall be displayed on the final/official transcript but their grades obtained from the parent institution will not be displayed. Such subjects will be marked as "Transferred Credits" (TR).

S/he has to provide NOC from the institution from where migration is required.

In case of outward migration the condition of accepting institution of credit hour transfer shall be applicable.

In case of inward migration a candidate shall have to complete minimum 50% of the courses from the University of Faisalabad.

*** No credit hours of a course will be transferred if the grade is less than C for undergraduate and B for graduate.

*** HEC Draft Policy Guidelines on Semester System adopted in meeting of Academic Council held on May 29, 2014.