Library Rules


Library users are expected to observe the following library rules:

  • Leave your personal belongings at the reserved place.
  • Take care of your belongings as library disclaims any responsibility for any loss.
  • Keep cell phones on silent mode/switch off within library premises.
  • Gossiping, cell phone calls, sleeping, drinking, eating, smoking and chatting is strictly prohibited.
  • Submit library material(s) for inspection, if asked.
  • Underlining, marking, folding and tearing the pages of books is prohibited.
  • Leave the library materials on table after consulting/ reading them.
  • Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases:
  • Nonpayment of library fine
  • Theft of library material
  • Non returning of the temporary issued materials within due time
  • Any kind of disturbance in library
  • Misconduct with the library staff
  • Breaching of established library rules and norms

  • All library users are required to:

  • Display University Student ID cards.
  • Switch off the cell phone
  • Enter in formal dress.