Software Developer

Our Company is seeking to hire a skilled Software Developer to help with the development of our current projects.Your duties will primarily revolve around builing software by writing code,aswell as modifiying software to fix errors,adapt it to new hardware ,improve its perfomance, or upgrade interface.You will also be involved in directing systesm testing and validation procedure, and also workin with departments on technical issues including software system design and maintenece.


  • Work independently as a Software Developer and as a member of the project implementation/support/services team
  • Analyze, evaluate, design and develop, customize software based on customer requirements
  • Map and Gap university requirements to product functionality
  • Identify gaps, creatively design and code workarounds, product extensions, customizations as required to meet customer needs
  • Work as a team member closely with the IT Manager, Database Administrator and others to ensure implementations are completed on time and within budget


  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, software engineering, or a related field.
  • 3 years development experience using Oracle and SQL
  • Experience on Oracle technologies 10g & 11g
  • Ideally familiar with Javascript
  • Skilled in verbal, written and oral communication
  • Strong team player with a great attitude
  • Oracle Certified Developer (highly preferred)
  • Javascript Certified (preferred, but not required)