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Job Description – Librarian


The mission of the University librarian is to facilitate access to learning resources for students, and faculty members.  To provide a collection of material to enrich and support the curriculum of the various disciplines in the University and to meet the individual educational and recreational needs of the students, faculty and staff.

  • Disseminate and interpret library collection material to meet the informational, educational and cultural needs of students who are pursuing academic success and to support faculty who are engaged in knowledge creation and class room instructions.
  • Provide instructional programs in information literacy and technology with an emphasis on the integration of emerging technologies to strengthen the students; interest and skill development for life long learning in his/her post graduate life.
  • Maintain an ongoing assessment of library and information services, use of technologies and resource collection that enhance and support the University’s academic curriculum.
  • Provides a range of programs, services and material / literature that strengthen the students’ purposeful participation in the issues that face our global society and that promote the students’ lively commitment to his/her own physical and / or spiritual well being.
  • Provide skill and expertise in the University’s initiatives, such as digital library, distance learning.
  • Arrange the books in shelves in the library according to subject wise classification.
  • Perform routine maintenance of books and other material, reviews books, periodicals and collections, which are out dated or not used and coordinate removal and disposition.
  • Issue reminders to students to return the books after due date.
  • Coordinate with the library committee on matters relating to the library and its services and to recommend any change or improvements for consideration of the library committee.
  • Prepare estimates of the financial requirements of the library and the requirement of the books for various disciplines of the University.

​​​​​MPhil/Master in Library and Information Science with specialization in Library Automation and having minimum 5 years experience preferably in a University.