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  • Placement officers conduct research to learn the skills, abilities, and credentials employers seek for graduates of the school’s departments and majors. They use the university’s degree plans and course descriptions, in addition to coordinating with professors and department heads, to find relevant job titles and industries for graduates.
  • Helping students create their resumes and cover letters, find internship or externship sites, and apply for jobs in their fields are all part of a placement officer’s duties. They also provide mock interviews to give students practice answering common questions and provide information about companies hiring in the area.
  • Having strong relationships with employers helps placement officers set up local partnerships with companies where students can do internships or externships or visit for job shadowing. They also recommend students to these employers after they learn what skills companies prefer from candidates.
  • Planning campus hiring events like job fairs gives students exposure to potential jobs and helps local companies find suitable candidates. Placement officers use their knowledge of job trends and the employer network they have built to bring a variety of employers to the school for a successful event.
  • Coordinating with employers, placement officers run background checks on students who seek internships or externships to verify students have the prerequisite education and meet all additional requirements for these companies’ positions.


MS/MPhil/Master’s or equivalent with 2-3 years relevant experience


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