IT Facilities


IT Department

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) department is responsible for ensuring the adequacy of academic and administrative computing facilities at TUF. The department implements efficient technology infrastructure, supports effective campus management system and delivers responsive IT support services.

Wi/Fi cloud computing facility is also made available in the university.

IT department facilitates the computer science students with practical experience through internal internship during the study and end of the study to build up their career in practical life

Network in the university has been converted to Fibre Optic and the Data communication is at the speed of light without any distortion and noise. Currently, there are around 1000 connected workstations across TUF in academic and administrative units.

Network Operation Center

The University's Network Operation Center offers a vast array of technology services including state of- the-art computing labs with high-tech computers, high-speed dedicated internet, a secure wired network and high-availability e-mail, workplace computing resources and applications. A PERN-II connection having 32 MB dedicated link via fibre optic has been installed in collaboration with HEC.