Research is as important as life itself. It provides building block upon which societal growth a

Religious Society TUF organized a seminar to commemorate birth anniversaries of Syedna Imam Huss



First International Conference on Myopia in Pakistan was organized by ORIC, Department of Ophtha

World Earth Day


Earth does not belong to us but we belong to earth. Community Services Society has arranged a aw

World malaria day was marked in The University of Faisalabad on April 24, 2019. The theme of yea

In relevance to the glory of Shab-e-Baraat, one of the holiest nights in Islamic history, Religi

School of Islamic Sciences organized a seminar on “New Directions of Islamic Research” in Am

School of Rehabilitation Sciences, TUF conducted a one day workshop on “Traction and Mobilizat

School of Dermatological Sciences conducted a seminar on “Sun Protection” to create awarenes

School of Rehabilitation Sciences, TUF organized a one day workshop on “Principles and applica