In Process Ideas

​Following are the innovative projects of TUF ready for commercialization:

1. Business All in One (Ms. Sania nayab)-CS

2. Hire My Photographer (Ms. Sania nayab, Ms. Ayesha anwar)-CS

3. Online Ad Posting (OAP) (Mr. Muhammad Zahid Hussain)-CS

4. School Management System (Mr. Muhammad Zahid Hussain)-CS

5. Face Recognition Base Attendance System Using Deep learning (Mr. Ijaz Ahmad)-CS

6. Automated Tea Making Machine (Mr. Arif)-CS

7. Intelligent Smart Switch Using IOT & Machine Learning (Engr. Dr. Asim Khan)-EE

8. IoT Based Door Security System Using RFID (Engr. Bilal Majeed)-EE

9. DTMF Based Bomb Disposal Robot With Collision Avoidance (Engr. Bilal Sarwar)-EE

10. Speech Controlled Wheel Chair (Engr. Muhammad Mushtaq)-EE

11. Intelligent Agriculture Drone For Crop Health Monitoring (Engr. Bilal Sarwar)-EE

12. Automatic PCB Designing CNC Machine (Engr. Bilal Sarwar)-EE

13. GSM Based Air Monitoring (Engr. Muhammad Mushtaq)-EE

14. Automatic Rail Ordering & Service System (Engr. Usama)-EE

15. Prepaid Automatic Car Washing & Drying System (Engr. Muhammad Mushtaq)-EE

16. Energy Prepaid Meter Using GSM (Engr. Bilal Sarwar)-EE

17. Smart Waste Management System (Engr. Awais Ahmad)-EE

18. Maximum Energy Capturing From PV Cell Using Direct & Indirect Sensing (Engr. Danyal)-EE

19. A Bi-Directional Series Resonant Converter With PWM Control & Load Independent Voltage Gain Characteristics (Engr. Tanveer)-EE

20. Energy Management & Control Of Renewable Based Micro Grid (Engr. Danyal)-EE

21. Electric Bicycle (Engr. Usama)-EE

22. Computer Aided Test Bench System For Fall Detection In 3 Phase Induction Motor (Engr. Usama)-EE