The three important groups, university, student and entrepreneurs are linked together to have because they can have vital impact on the economy. The role of a Knowledge Incubation center in a university is to associate above mentioned entities. We offer a sympathetic entrepreneurial atmosphere that hastens the efficacious expansion of start-up enterprises over an assortment of suitable resources and facilities. These facilities are typically established by incubator's management and presented in the business incubator as well as in the context of connections. The objective of KIC is to generate successful enterprises and companies which can be economically free and everlasting. We aim to cultivate individual talents, skill and temperament to motivate each industry the best start, thus encouraging entrepreneurship at local as well as national entrepreneurial levels.


Knowledge Incubation Center (KIC) at The University of Faisalabad (TUF) is an initiative to offer a supportive place for students to register their novel ideas and commercialize their state-of-the-art research oriented projects by providing suitable resources and facilities. The Vital objective of this activity is to empower incubatees (Students) according to the industrial needs and produce commercially sustainable graduated companies through KIC platform. These graduated companies will have to promote the financial expansion of the nation over commercialization of student novel ideas and fetch industrial needs. KIC will arrange office space, value services, startup grant, technical-legal-business consultancy, prototype development monitoring and assistance for new entrants.

Aims and Objectives

The objective of KIC at TUF is to nurture an entrepreneurial environment, by facilitating the students, alumni, faculty and staff in form of providing the opportunities to commercialize their ideas. All of the facilities are also available to general public and lower staff in a professional manner provided that they have to follow the rules and regulation and work at the umbrella of TUF’s KIC.

To expedite the accessibility of TUF resources to the incubates in a conjointly constructive way.

To offer an advantageous working atmosphere to the incubates to raise their innovative ideas. To bridge with private and public sector funding bases, government assistances, industrial links, chambers of commerce and industries to provide expedition and interacting for incubate companies.

The goal of KIC at TUF is to encourage new enterprises and industries in their establishment and developments by delivering entrepreneurial ideas and fostering environments for young generation in their business start-ups. This gives the opportunities to grow and to alleviate their survival. We ambit the individuals to groom their talents, personalities, skills and behaviors to professionalize for their kick start-ups.


Dr. Usman Rauf Manager KIC