Tests, Examinations and Evaluation


In each semester, students may be required to appear in quizzes, mid semester examinations, final semester examinations, give presentations, participate in group discussions, and submit projects/assignments/lab reports.

The teacher will be responsible for students evaluation and grading as per the following weight-age:

Sessional Marks 20%

Mid Semester Examination 30%

Final Semester Examination 50%

Sessional marks may comprise of test(s) / quiz(s) / assignment(s) / presentation(s) / class participation. The course teacher will decide the marks distribution according to the nature of the course.

Mid Semester Examination will be conducted after eight weeks of teaching during a semester from the syllabus prescribed for the mid examination.

Final Semester Examination covering the full syllabus with at least 20% of the course of mid examination as well, shall be held at the end of each semester.

Note: In Anatomy course the distribution will be 25% for stages, 25% for sub stages and 50% for final examination

Evaluation of Practical's:

Practical shall be assessed by the concerned teacher/internal examiners, except where there is a specific requirement from Accreditation Council. In that case the recommendation by the respective council shall take precedence.

Furthermore this assessment shall be based on evaluation in two part

Continuous assessment based on each practical- (conduct of = 50% practical by steps, notes, notebook)

Final Practical /Viva Voce= 50%

Project/thesis shall always be assessed by a panel of examiners including one external

and at least one internal examiner appointed by Rector on the recommendations of Board of Studies.

Project shall be completed within the specified period as notified by the Head of School.

In case of extension, the student shall have to enroll in the next semester and pay the semester fee.

The pass marks in each course shall be 50%.

Pass Criterion in a Course having Practical Part:

The candidates who fail in theory or

practical will be treated as Fail in that subject. Such candidates must enroll the failed

subject (both theory and Practical) and appear in each part as and when the course is

offered. A candidate must obtain at least 50% marks separately in theory as well as

practical parts each to qualify that course.

Sessional marks awarded on the basis of assignment, test, quiz, etc shall be displayed/

shown to the students 14 days before the final examination.

In case a student did not appear in the mid and final examinations due to discontinuation

of the semester, his/her SGPA/CGPA should not be calculated.