Use of Electrical Appliances in Hostel


The management has made arrangement for uninterrupted supply of electricity in the University and hostel.

The students are allowed to use their personal electrical appliances i.e. microwave oven and refrigerator with the permission of the hostel warden. Students have to pay additional cost as decided by the management.

Leave from Hostel / Meeting Guests: Leave application must be submitted to the hostel warden. Girls cannot go outside the hostel/campus for shopping, visiting their relatives or for recreation by themselves. They are required to submit leave proforma duly signed by the hostel warden while going home. Students, going home, should leave the hostel before sunset. Students are required to be back in the hostel before sunset. Girls will not be allowed to receive any visitor except those nominated by their parents /guardians. Students must inform their intending guests about the visiting hours in the hostel. Following visiting hours shall be strictly observed:

Summer : Sunday 8:00 am to Sunset

Winter    : Sunday 8:00 am to Sunset