MS Chemical Engineering


• Produce graduates equipped to pursue careers in chemical industry, the public sector and nongovernmental organizations

• To flourish the students for outcome based research activities, academia and advanced studies in chemical engineering

• Provide the basis for the organization and understanding of the major features of chemical engineering

• Develop an understanding of how this knowledge may be applied in practice in an economic and environmentally sustainable fashion

• To prepare the students who are able to solve complex engineering problems and tasks, and use engineering, science and statistics [principles to justify recommendations

Role and Scope

Chemical engineering is key in addressing global challenges relating to sustainable supply of clean energy, food and water, through the production of chemicals, functionalized products and fuels. The M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical engineering provides technical and management training that employers increasingly demand from chemical engineers. The program will offer a general Chemical engineering option, which covers core Chemical engineering subjects and a ranges of specialized optional modules.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    4 Semesters, 2 years

  • Eligibility

    1. Four years of education (minimum 130 credit hours) after HSSC/A Level/Grade-12 or Sixteen years of schooling will be required for admission.

  • credit hours


  • Fee Rs



Semester 1

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
1. Core Course 1 3(3-0)
2. Core Course 2 (Research Methodology) 3(3-0)
3. Elective 1 3(3-0)
4. Elective 2 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours : 12

Semester 2

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
5. Core Course 3 3(3-0)
6. Core Course 4 3(3-0)
7. Elective 3 3(3-0)
8. Elective 4 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours : 12

Semester 3

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
9. Thesis 3(0-3)

Semester 4

S. No. Course Title Credit Hours
10. Thesis 3(0-3)


List of Core Courses

Following is the list which shall serve as pool of core courses of which four (04) may be offered as per available resources.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ChE-501 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3(3-0)
ChE-502 Advanced Separation Process 3(3-0)
ChE-503 Advanced Transport Phenomena 3(3-0)
ChE-504 Research Methodology 3(3-0)
ChE-505 Optimization and Process Design 3(3-0)
ChE-506 Nano Technology 3(3-0)


Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ChE-601 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3(3-0)
ChE-602 Advanced Heat Transfer 3(3-0)
ChE-603 Advanced Mass Transfer 3(3-0)
ChE-604 Advanced Structural Analysis 3(3-0)
ChE-605 Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering 3(3-0)
ChE-606 Occupational Health and Safety in Process Industries 3(3-0)
ChE-607 Process Safety and Prevention 3(3-0)
ChE-608 Sustainable Energy Engineering 3(3-0)
ChE-609 Energy Management 3(3-0)
ChE-610 Environmental Engineering 3(3-0)
ChE-611 Clean Coal Technologies 3(3-0)
ChE-612 Solid Waste Engineering 3(3-0)
ChE-613 Waste to Energy 3(3-0)
ChE-614 Biochemical and Food Technology 3(3-0)
ChE-615 Bioremediation of Toxic Chemicals 3(3-0)
ChE-616 Water and Wastewater Treatment 3(3-0)
ChE-617 Advanced Catalytic Processes 3(3-0)
ChE-618 Hazardous and Toxic Chemical Waste Treatment 3(3-0)
ChE-619 Advanced Process Systems Engineering 3(3-0)
ChE-620 Air and Noise Pollution Control 3(3-0)


Thesis (Semester 3)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ChE-650 MS Thesis 3(0-3)


Thesis (Semester 4)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ChE-651 MS Thesis 3(0-3)