MS Management


The objective of the program is to provide a distinctive, inter-disciplinary and integrative educational program for individuals seeking to consolidate their managerial achievements and prepare for a career in senior management. The program will also be of great value for those who wish to pursue PhD and choose their career as educationists and researchers.

Role and Scope

MS Management students will have to complete at least 24 credit hours of coursework from the following courses, to be notified by Head of School. In addition to this it will be compulsory to write research thesis of 6 credit hours and defend it successfully. The completion of thesis of 6 credit hours will not be compulsory for MBA students taking admission after completion of BBA (8 semesters). In lieu of thesis they will have to complete a project of 6 credit hours.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    3 Semesters (1.5 Years)

  • Eligibility

    BBA 4 Years with minimum CGPA=2.5 out of 4 or MBA/MCom or Equivalent (2 Years) with minimum CGPA=2.5 out of 4. The candidate will have to qualify GAT (Subject) Test securing minimum 50% score

  • credit hours



Semester 1

Course Code when offered in MS Course Code when offered in MBA Course Title Credit Hours
MSB-524 FIN-524 Strategic Financial Management 3(3-0)
MSB-513 MKT-513 Strategic Marketing Management 3(3-0)
MST-472 MGT-472 Strategic Management 3(3-0)
MSB-515 BRM-515 Advance Research Methodology 3(3-0)
MSB-532 MGT-532 Corporate Governance 3(3-0)
MSB-533 MGT-533 Knowledge Management 3(3-0)
MSB-514 MGT-514 Management Theories 3(3-0)
MSB-534 MGT-534 Management of Innovation 3(3-0)
MSB-535 MGT-535 Diversity Management 3(3-0)
MSB-536 MKT-536 Event Management 3(3-0)
MSB-537 MKT-537 Entrepreneurial Innovation 3(3-0)
MSB-525 MKT-525 Emerging Markets 3(3-0)
MKT-516 MKT-516 International Marketing for SMEs 3(3-0)
MSB-517 MKT-517 Marketing Networking 3(3-0)
MSB-528 FIN-528 Global Equity Investment 3(3-0)
MSB-518 FIN-518 Emerging Issues in Financial Markets and Institutions 3(3-0)
MSB-527 FIN-527 Credit risk Analysis 3(3-0)
MSM-807 MSM-807 Strategic Human Resource Management 3(3-0)
MCW-521 MCW-521 Managing Conflicts at Workplace 3(3-0)
MSB-516 MSB-516 Statistical Tools for Research 3(3-0)
HRM-552 HRM-552 International HRM 3(3-0)
MSB-540 PRO-840 Dissertation / Project Report 6 (6-0)