BS Mathematics


Upon completion of the BS Mathematics program at TUF, Students majoring in Mathematics attain proficiency in:

• The ability to recognize, evaluate, integrate, and apply different types of information and knowledge to form independent judgments.

• Analytical and logical thinking and the habit of drawing conclusions based on quantitative information.

• The ability to measure and understand complex situations, choose among several theoretically proper mathematical methods of solution and continue in the face of difficulty.

• The ability to communicate and interact effectively with different audiences, developing their ability to collaborate intellectually and creatively in diverse situations.

• The ability to understand the basic rules of logic, including the role of axioms or assumptions and appreciate the role of mathematical proof in formal deductive reasoning in everyday life.

Role and Scope


The mission of the Department of Mathematics at TUF is to provide undergraduate students with a strong base that leads to success in successive careers and educational programs. This is capable by having our students demonstrate deep knowledge in core classes, read, analyze and write proofs, and communicate mathematical ideas written and verbally. The Department of Mathematics supports the University mission of academic distinction in teaching, scholarship and service by providing a superior educational opportunity for students by promoting all aspects of teaching, learning, and researching mathematics.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    8 Semesters, 4 years

  • Eligibility

    Intermediate or equivalent with mathematics at least 45% marks.

  • credit hours


Not Available