MPhil Pharmacology


The post graduate M. Phil Pharmacology is being offered with the main aim of working in line with the mission of the Higher Education Commission. The Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Faisalabad, is fully capable of meeting the three key challenges (a) Quality, (b) Access & (c) Relevance to ensure innovative teaching, service and quality research.

Role and Scope

Our post graduate degree program in pharmacology will provide a solid foundation in biomedical sciences and prepare individuals for a wide range of career options. The students typically find employment in universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, private and public research organizations, consulting companies, and government agencies, both within Pakistan and abroad. A pharmacology degree provides an understanding of medications, their sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses. Graduates will explore drug interactions in biological systems, the formulation and operation of clinical trials, as well as drug regulation and the marketing of pharmaceuticals.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    4 Semesters, 2 years

  • Eligibility

    Basic degree in Pharmacy (B. Pharm/Pharm-D) from a Pharmacy institute recognized by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. The candidate must also have minimum CGPA 2.0/4.0 (in the semester system) or first division (in the annual system). The candidate must have to score at least 50% marks in the entry test taken by the University.

  • credit hours



Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PCGA-801 Advance Pharmacology-I 4(3-1)
PCCR-802 Advance Pharmacology-II 4(3-1)
STAT-803 Biostatistics 2(2-0)
RM-804 Research Methodology 2(2-0)
  Credit Hours 12

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PCTHA-811 Advance Pharmacology- III 4(3-1)
PCNN-812 Advance Pharmacology- IV 4(3-1)
PCCA-813 Advance Pharmacology- V 4(3-1)
  Credit Hours 12

Semester 3 & 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PCT-821 Research Thesis 6(0-6)
PHSE-822 Seminar 1(0-1)
  Credit Hours 7