BTech Artificial Intelligence


The objectives of BSAI degree program are as follow:

• Cultivate the student with theories, knowledge of concepts, practices and applications required of a professional associated in field of Artificial Intelligence.

• Become familiar with current technologies and tools while learning new methodologies that will lead to the development of Artificial Intelligence systems.

• Assess the impact of the ethical, social and legal issues in regard of developing Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Role and Scope

With degree program of BS in Artificial Intelligence, a student may seek employment in trades, industries and professions that rely heavily on computing systems. Students may seek employment as Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Big Data Engineer or several other exciting jobs.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    8 Semesters (4 years)

  • Eligibility

    Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate or Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). The students of Intermediate (Pre-Medical) can take admission in all Bachelor computing programs (CS, SE, IT, AI, DS, CySec). All such students must pass deficiency courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours within one year.

  • credit hours


  • Fee Rs



Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-111 Functional English-I 3 (3–0)
IS-112 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2(2-0)
IT-113 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology 3 (2–1)
AI-111 Programming Fundamentals (Python) 4 (3-1)
MATH-111 Engineering Mathematics 3 (3–0)
  Credit Hours : 15

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-121 Functional English-II 3 (3–0)
PS-122 Pakistan Studies 2 (2–0)
AI-122 Data and Analysis 3 (3–0)
MATH-123 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3 (3–0)
AI-123 Object Oriented Programming in Python 4 (3-1)
HRM-234 Human Resource Management 3 (3–0)
  Credit Hours: 18

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-211 Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills 3 (3–0)
MATH-211 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3 (3–0)
CS-211 Visual Programming 4(3-1)
AI-214 Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoning 3 (3–0)
AI-215 Algorithms, Data Structures and Learning 4(3-1)
  Credit Hours: 17

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EE- 221 Digital Logic Design 4 (3-1)
CS-313 Introduction to Database Systems 4 (3-1)
CS-225 Operating Systems 4 (3-1)
Math-122 Differential Equations 3 (3–0)
STAT-311 Probability & Statistics 3 (3–0)
  Credit Hours : 18


Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS-317 Web Design and Development 4 (3-1)
CE-222 Software Engineering 3 (3–0)
AI-316 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3 (3–0)
CS-315 Computer Graphics 3 (2–1)
CS-224 Computer Networks 4(3-1)
  Credit Hours: 17

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS-340 Human Computer Interaction 3 (3–0)
AI-327 Introduction to Vision and Robotics 3 (3–0)
CS-312 Numerical Computing 3 (3–0)
AI-328 Computational Cognitive Science 3 (3–0)
CS-325 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages 3 (3–0)
EE-311 Principles and Design of IoT Systems 4(3-1)
  Credit Hours : 19

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS-415 Compiler Construction 3 (2-1)
AI-410 Intelligent Autonomous Robotics 3 (3-0)
AI-411 Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition 3( 3-0)
CS-421 Data and Network Securities 4 (3-1)
CS-426 Final Year Project(Phase –I) 3 (0-3)
MGT-474 Entrepreneurship 3 (0-3)
  Credit Hours : 19


Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
AI-422 Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science 3(3-0)
AI-423 Introduction to Data Mining 3(3-0)
CS-424 Final Year Project (Phase –II) 3(0-3)
  Credit Hours : 9
  Total Credit Hours: 132