BS Occupational Therapy


•To provide a comprehensive program within a rehabilitation setting that utilizes a team approach to maximize an individual's independent functioning and participation in daily life activities.

•To develop, restore, or improve required skills, habits, and roles for independent, meaningful, and productive living.

Role and Scope

Occupational therapy incorporates the purposeful profession that enables the physically or mentally challenged people enjoy their everyday life. “Occupational Therapy is the science of prevent, cure and rehabilitation of the physically, emotionally, mentally and neurological disabled and challenged people”.

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    8 Semesters, 4 years

  • Eligibility

    FSc Pre Medical with minimum 50% marks or equivalent

  • credit hours



Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-111 English-I (Functional English) 3(3-0)
IS-112 Islamic Studies 2(2-0)
IT-113 Introduction to Computing 3(2-1)
PHY-124 Introductory Physiology 3(2-1)
BIO-101 Biochemistry-I 3(2-1)
ANA-102 Introductory Anatomy 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 17

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BIO-212 Biochemistry-II 3(2-1)
PATH-211 General Pathology 3(2-1)
PHY-126 Applied Physiology 3(2-1)
ANA-112 Applied Anatomy 3(2-1)
ENG-121 English-II (Communication & Writing Skills) 3(3-0)
PS-122 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
  Credit Hours 17

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PATH-222 Systemic Pathology 3(2-1)
TA-212 Basic Therapeutic Activities 3(3-0)
PHA-219 General Pharmacology 3(3-0)
SS-315 Sociology 3(3-0)
ENG-211 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3(3-0)
OCT-213 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 18

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
KIN-221 Kinesiology 3(2-1)
PHA-222 Pharmacology & Disease Management 3(2-1)
PSY-223 Clinical Psychology 3(3-0)
BM-224 Biomechanics 3(2-1)
MED-221 General Medicine -I 3(3-0)
SUR-223 General Surgery-I 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 18


Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
RS-311 Rehabilitation Sciences-I 3(3-0)
OTP-312 Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry 3(3-0)
SUR-313 General Surgery-II 3(3-0)
MED-421 Medicine-II 3(3-0)
CM-323 Community Medicine 3(3-0)
BIO-325 Biostatistics 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 18

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PC-321 Patient Care 2(1-1)
RS-322 Rehabilitation Sciences-II 3(3-0)
OTO-324 Occupational Therapy in Orthopedic 3(3-0)
CO-322 Clinical Orthopedic 2(0-2)
NS-323 Basic Nursing Skills 2(1-1)
RM-321 Research Methodology 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 15

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ME-411 Medical Ethics 3(3-0)
BE-414 Bio Engineering Techniques 3(2-1)
OTN-412 Occupational Therapy in Neurology 3(3-0)
CN-413 Clinical Neurology 2(0-2)
SCP-413 Supervised Clinical Practice-I 4(0-4)
  Credit Hours 15


Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PROG-526 Research Project 6(0-6)
OA-421 Organization & Administration in Occupational Therapy 3(3-0)
SCP-422 Supervised Clinical Practice-II 4(0-4)
  Credit Hours 13
  Total Credit Hours: 131