BS Islamic Sciences


BS Islamic Sciences is a program developed for the future requirements of global Islamic society. It aims at preparing graduates who are equipped with leadership qualities and professional expertise besides excellence in Islamic knowledge. 
On successful completion of this course, The University of Faisalabad aspires its graduates to have emerged as capable of rendering scholarly contribution towards development of new socio-economic horizon in the community. The academic achievement of BS Islamic Sciences program has been envisaged in its principal goals & objectives determined as under:

• To evolve a strong mechanism for producing generation of scholars committed to play a vital role in the enhancement of Islamic culture and civilization

• To produce visionary, creative, and sound professionals applying their knowledge effectively and efficiently

• To ensure regular academic environment in each discipline in order to meet the higher standards of education

• To develop scholastic attitude & collective struggle among graduates for understanding research, based on real quest of knowledge and true spirit of Islamic civilization

• To create a favourable environment for prosperity, development, character building, and professional excellence

• To create awareness and motivation among masses through our graduates for adopting life styles based on universal principle of justice, fraternity, and brotherhood. 

Role and Scope

The BS Islamic Sciences program aims at producing vocationally strong graduates through discovering new fields of operation as well as developing new strategies of work. Equipped with the abilities to use modern techniques and skills, they become eligible for tremendous job opportunities in both public & private sectors particularly in the following areas:

• Human Resource Development through teaching and character building

• Banking sector, particularly Islamic Banking operations

• Excellent career in research and development

• A broad spectrum of socio religious community services especially those of civil society organizations (NGO’s)

• Consultancy and Advisory services rendered to the public and private organizations

• A vast scope of socio-commercial management

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    8 Semesters (4 years)

  • Eligibility

    Intermediate with minimum second division

  • credit hours


  • Fee Rs



Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IT-113 Introductions to Computing 3(3-0)
IS-118 Introduction of Topics of Holy Quran 3(3-0)
ECO-113 Economics 3(3-0)
ENG-111 Functional English- 1 3(3-0)
ARAB-115 Arabic Language-1 3(3-0)
IS-112 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2(2-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 17

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-121 Uloom -ul- Quraan 3(3-0)
PS-122 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
IS-123 Fiqh -Al-Quraan 3(3-0)
IS-124 Textual Study of Al-Quraan-I 3(3-0)
ENG-121 English-II 3(3-0)
ARAB-126 Arabic Language-II 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 17

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-211 Muslim Political Thought 3(3-0)
IS-212 Seerat-un-Nabi(SAW) 3(3-0)
IS-213 Textual Study of Al-Hadith-I 3(3-1)
ARAB-214 Arabic Literature 3(3-0)
MA-215 Mathematics 3(3-0)
ENG-211 Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 18

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-221 Textual Study of AL-Quran-II 3(3-0)
IS-222 Fiqh-ul-Usrah Wal Mawarees 3(3-0)
IS-223 History of Muslim in Sub-continent 3(3-0)
IS-224 Textual Study of AL-Hadith-II 3(3-0)
ENG-104 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
STAT-316 Statistics 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 18


Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SS-311 Islamic Ethics 3(3-0)
IS-312 Maqasid-e-Shariah 3(3-0)
COMN-313 Mass Communication 3(3-0)
IS-325 Islamic Economic System 3(3-0)
IS-502 History of Tafseer 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-321 Islamic Tasawuf 3(3-0)
IS-322 History of Compilation of Hadith 3(3-0)
IS-323 History of Islamic Culture and Civilization 3(3-0)
IS-324 Islamic Financial Institutions 3(3-0)
SS-315 Sociology 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-411 Comparative Study of Religions 3(3-0)
IS-412 Research Methodology in Islamic Studies 3(3-0)
IS-414 Modern Muslim World 3(3-0)
IS-415 Psychology 3(3-0)
IS-416 Islamic Legal System 3(3-0)
IS-413 Ahkam-ul-Quran 3(3-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 18


Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
IS-421 Fiqh-ul-Sunnah 3(3-0)
IS-422 Muslims contribution in development of civilaization 3(3-0)
IS-423 Da’wat-o-Irshad 3(3-0)
IS-425 Thesis 6(6-0)
  Total Credit Hours: 15
  Total Credit Hours: 133