Bachelor of Electrical Engineering


Graduates of the electrical engineering programs at The University of Faisalabad will have the

• Knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to make tangible contributions in the fields of electrical engineering 

• Ability to meet new technical challenges, contribute effectively as team members, and be innovators in  the analysis, design and implementation of electrical and electronic devices and systems in their respective areas of specialization

• Ability to communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers, and society

Role and Scope

The electrical engineering programs provide opportunity to the students to gain in-depth knowledge in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, controls and instrumentation. Our students are also expected to acquire key skills such as logical thinking, report writing, presentation skills, and team work. 
Our graduates will move on to a wide variety of career opportunities in the fields of electrical, electronics, power, control, instrumentation, communication and computer system engineering. We lay emphasis on not only producing good engineers with analytical skills, but also making our graduates good citizens of Pakistan. 

semesters and courses

  • Duration

    8 Semesters, 4 years

  • Eligibility

    FSc (Pre-Engineering) with minimum 60% marks or its equivalent from any Pakistani or foreign institute recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

  • credit hours



Semester 1

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-123 None Workshop Practices (Foundation-I) 1(0+1)
EE-111 None Introduction to Computing (Computing-I) 2(1+1)
MA-111 None Calculus and Analytical Geometry (NS-MATH-I) 3(3+0)
PH-121 None Applied Physics (NS-PHY-I) 4(3+1)
HU-121 None Islamic Studies/Ethics (Humanities-Culture-I) 2(2+0)
HU-111 None Functional English (Humanities-Eng-I) 2(2+0)
Total 14

Semester 2

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-121 None Linear Circuit Analysis (Foundation-II) 4(3+1)
MA-112 MA-111 Differential Equations (NS-MATH-II) 3(3+0)
EE-112 EE-111 Programming Fundamentals (Computing-II) 3(2+1)
EE-129 None Engineering Drawing (Foundation-III) 1(0+1)
HU-122 None Pakistan Studies (Humanities-Culture-II) 2(2+0)
HU-112 None Communication Skills (Humanities-Eng-II) 3(3+0)
Total 16

Semester 3

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-225 EE-121 Electronic Devices and Circuits (Foundation-IV) 4(3+1)
EE-222 EE-121 Electrical Network Analysis (Foundation-V) 4(3+1)
ME-251 None Engineering Mechanics (IDEE-I) 3(3+0)
MA-213 None Linear Algebra (NS-MATH-III) 3(3+0)
EE-226 None Digital Logic Design (Foundation-VI) 4(3+1)
Total 18

Semester 4

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-213 EE-112 Data Structures and Algorithms (Computing-III) 4(3+1)
EE-233 EE-121 Electrical Machines (Breadth-I) 4(3+1)
MA-214 MA-111 Multivariable Calculus (NS-MATH-IV) 2(2+0)
EE-223 EE-222 Electronic circuit design(Breadth-II) 4(3+1)
EE-224 EE-212;MA-113 Signals and Systems (Foundation-VII) 4(3+1)
Total 18


Semester 5

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-336 EE-222;EE-226 Instrumentation & Measurements (Breadth-III) 4(3+1)
EE-327 EE-226 Microprocessor Systems (Foundation-VIII) 4(3+1)
EE-341 EE-235 Digital Signal Processing(Elective – I) 4(3+1)
EE-328 MA-111 Probability Methods in Engineering (Foundation-IX) 3(3+0)
EE-332 MA-214 Electromagnetic Field Theory (Breadth-IV) 3(3+0)
Total 18

Semester 6

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-342 EE-121;EE-235 Embedded System Design(Elective – II) 4(3+1)
EE-334 EE-224 Linear Control System (Breadth-V) 4(3+1)
EE-331 EE-224;EE-328 Communication Systems (Breadth-VI) 4(3+1)
MA-315 MA-113;MA-214 Numerical Analysis (NS-MATH-V) 2(2+0)
HU-313 None Technical Writing (Humanities-Eng-III) 3(3+0)
Total 17

Semester 7

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
HU-431 None Professional Ethics (Humanities-Social-I) 2(2+0)
EE-443 EE-233 Digital Electronics (Elective – III) 4(3+1)
EE-444 EE-235 VLSI Design (Elective – IV) 4(3+1)
MS-412 None Engineering Economics & Management (Management-I) 3(3+0)
EE-461 None Senior Design Project – I 3(0+3)
Total 16


Semester 8

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
MS-411 None Entrepreneurship (Management-II) 3(3+0)
HU-432 None Social Anthropology (Humanities-Social-II) 2(2+0)
EE-445 EE-235 Wave propagation and Antennas (Elective – V) 4(3+1)
EE-446 EE-222;EE235 Industrial Electronics (Elective – VI) 4(3+1)
EE-462 EE-461 Senior Design Project – II 3(0+3)
Total 16
Total Credit Hours 133


Elective Courses for BEE ELECTRONICS

Course Code Pre-Requisite Course Title Credit Hours
EE-341 Digital Signal Processing (Elective – I) 5th 4(3+1)
EE-342 Embedded System Design (Elective – II) 6th 4(3+1)
EE-443 Digital Electronics (Elective – III) 7th 4(3+1)
EE-444 VLSI Design (Elective – IV) 7th 4(3+1)
EE-445 Wave Propagation and Antennas (Elective – V) 8th 4(3+1)
EE-446 Industrial Electronics (Elective – VI) 8th 4(3+1)