Chairman BOG


The efforts are finally paying off. Today, by the grace of Allah Almighty, The University of Faisalabad has achieved what it has long been aiming to excel in education, research and infrastructure. It was a steady walk through an abyss of obstacles that led us to the 14th Position in all General Universities in Pakistan and 3rd in Private Sector Universities according to HEC Ranking 2015.


During the past thirteen years since its establishment, the university has shown manifold growth. Facilities for the existing programs have been strengthened while more programs in emerging disciplines under faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering have been launched. Moreover, Post Graduate programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Management Studies and Arabic & Islamic Sciences have been initiated.


The University of Faisalabad launched Educational Radio Channel TUFIANS FM 96.6 during 2014. This will go a long way for the development of student’s perception about electronic media and mass communication. The well thought out mix of educational, information, knowledge and entertainment programs will broaden their outlook, and also benefit the population of the surrounding areas.


Our prime focus is to enhance quality education and research in the fields of Medical, Health Sciences, Engineering, Management and Social Sciences. Our aim is to produce skilled workforce that can successfully become part of the modern stream of organizations. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members  well equipped laboratories and libraries help the learners in transforming themselves into well educated and responsible citizens with promising future. This task is accomplished through seminars, industrial tours, career counseling and visits from prominent industrialists who guide the students on the basis of their experiences.


The Board of Governors, Management and Faculty members strive collectively as a team to achieve the designated goal of providing quality education to the students. I am confident that The University of Faisalabad will find new avenues to get world-wide recognition, and will continue to contribute towards empowerment of our youth for social and economic development of our country.

Mian Muhammad Hanif (SI)