In these rules and regulations unless the subject or context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them, that is to say:

"School" means a teaching and research School maintained and administered by the University;

"Academic Year" means a period of 365 days. Academic year shall have normally two semesters namely; Fall and Spring;

"Semester" means duration of sixteen to eighteen weeks of teaching inclusive of examinations; Semester details should include the following information:-

Semester starting date.

Holidays during the semester.
Semester termination date.
Mid-Semester exam week.
Final Semester exam week.
Result notification date to be notified by Controller of Examinations.

"Authority" means any of the Authorities of the University specified in the University of Faisalabad Ordinance;

"Credit Hour" means one hour student-teacher classroom contact in theory, or three hours of lab work per week in a semester;

"Dean" means the Dean of the Faculty;

"Non-credit Course" means a course that shall be mandatory to pass but shall not be counted in calculating GPA/CGPA and shall not have any effect on the academic position of a student;

"Deficiency Course" means a course in which a student has been adjudged deficient by the concerned Head of School at the time of admission/migration. All deficiency courses shall be of non credit nature.

"Pre-requisite Course" means a course required to be taken prior to the actual teaching of the actual course;

"Summer Semester" means a semester of 8 - 9 weeks duration. A student will only be allowed to register 1-2 courses upto 8 credit hours if the courses are of 4 credit hours. However in the last summer a student can take 3 courses if his/her degree will be completed by taking an additional course. Only deficiency/fail/repetition courses can be enrolled.