Student’s Research Projects

[sawarp][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2009-2014“]

Group No Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Mahum Rauf (DPT-FA09-061)

Wajeeha Fatima (DPT-FA09-049)

Zaineb Sheraz (DPT-FA09-048)

Nida Farooq (DPT-FA09-085)

Prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome and associated risk factors in computer users in Franchises ( GSM companies) in Faisalabad Dr. Ghulam Fatima; PT
2. Iqra Waseem (DPT-FA09-069)

Sameera Rasool (DPT-FA09-027)

Shaheera Ajmal (DPT-FA09-032)

Sana Waqar (DPT-FA09-059)

Prevalence of neck shoulder and back pain and its contributing factors in Surgeons of five hospitals of Faisalabad Dr. Ghulam Fatima; PT
3. Gulraiz Gul (DPT-FA09-071)

Qurat U Lain (DPT-FA09-083)

Tahira Parveen (DPT-FA09-086)

Noreen Kiran (DPT-FA09-098)

Prevalence of cervical pain and its contributing factors in bank officers of Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Safraz; PT
4. Sidra Mushtaq (DPT-FA09-099)

Iqra Nadeem (DPT-FA09-079)

Nimra Naseem (DPT-FA09-008)

Rumaisa Hussain (DPT-FA09-029)

Association between high heels and low back pain in young female students of GC university Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Safraz; PT
5. Jaweria Afzal (DPT-FA09-047)

Ayesha Tehreem (DPT-FA09-019)

Maria Kokab (DPT-FA09-052)

Sahar Ashraf ( DPT-FA09-021)

The prevalence of LBP and its consequences on ADL’s in third trimester of pregnancy at Madinah teaching hospital Faisalabad Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
6. Kanwal Fatima (DPT-FA09-055)

Anum Nawaz (DPT-FA09-030)

Ambreen Zahid (DPT-FA09-007)

Chahat Waseem (DPT-FA09-034)

Attitude of DPT students of TUF towards their personal and professional behaviors Dr. Hifza Naseer; PT
7. Saima Bibi (DPT-FA09-064)

Qurat U Lain (DPT-FA09-088)

Fiba Sherwani (DPT-FA09-078)

Prevalence of LBP and its associated factors in Factory workers of Nishat Mills Limited Sheikhupura Dr. Hifza Naseer; PT
8. Shazia Ijaz (DPT-FA09-063)

Sana Sahir (DPT-FA09-023)

Iqra Khalid (DPT-FA09-042)

Prevalence of neck and LBP and its associated factors in dentists of De Montmorency hospital Lahore Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
9. Misbah Muhammad Ali (DPT-FA09-070)

Fakher Un Nisa (DPT-FA09-026)

Umm E Kalsoom (DPT-FA09-081)

Epidemiological and demographical profile of diagnosed frozen shoulder in patients above 40 years of age presenting at physiotherapy department Mayo hospital Lahore in year 2013 Dr. Faiza Amjed; PT
10. Tasbeeha Kokab (DPT-FA09-072)

Saima Rafique (DPT-FA09-064)

Zobia Rafique (DPT-FA09-096)

Prevalence of LBP in 3rd and 4th year students of physiotherapy at TUF Dr. Zunaira; PT
11. Maryam Zafar (DPT-FA09-039)

Fatima Munawar (DPT-FA09-080)

Mehar Asif (DPT-FA09-004)

Prevalence of neck pain and frequently assumed posture of the drivers at the University of Faisalabad Dr.Iqra Ishaq; PT
12. Mehwish Zaheer (DPT-FA09-001)

Kinza Saroosh (DPT-FA09-018)

Sadiqa Suleman (DPT-FA09-062)

Prevalence of LBP and its associated risk factors among bankers of Faisalabad Dr. Zunaira; PT
13. Anum Tariq (DPT-FA09-006)

Mahat  Zafar (DPT-FA09-025)

Sana Hanif (DPT-FA09-020)

Competency of physical therapy interns of University of Faisalabad, Batch 2009-2014 in Patient management Dr. Sidra Ashraf; PT
14. Maria Irum (DPT-FA09-015)

Areej (DPT-FA09-002)

Zarmeen Zerish (DPT-FA09-035)

Prevalence of MSK disorders and work related associated factors among nurses of Allied and DHQ hospital Faisalabad Dr.Iqra Ishaq; PT
15. Ayesha Anwar (DPT-FA09-013)

Saba Pervaiz (DPT-FA09-046)

Iqra Umer (DPT-FA09-033)_

Prevalence and associated factors of LBP in doctors of DHQ hospital Faisalabad Dr. Sidra Ashraf; PT
16. Fatima Tariq (DPT-FA09-037)

Aiman Mehmood (DPT-FA09-043)

Prevalence of neck pain disability among dentists of Faisalabad Mr. Shahid Ahmed Heera
17. Sana Islam (DPT-FA09-089)

Saira Irshad (DPT-FA09-095)

Sibgha Javed (DPT-FA09-090)

Entrepreneurial aptitude among final year students of MBBS, BDS and DPT in the University of Faisalabad Mr. Shahid Ahmed Heera
18. Nida Naseer (DPT-FA09-057)

Nayab Cheema (DPT-FA09-012)

Arifa Younas (DPT-FA09-054)

Prevalence of low back pain in  MTHStaff (doctors) Dr. Sumera Malik; PT
19. Sidra Majeed (DPT-FA09-03)

Maria Jamil (DPT-FA09-022)

Fatima Sharif (DPT-FA09-075)

Association between low back pain and prolonged standing among university teachers of Faisalabad Dr. Faiza Amjed; PT
20. Ayesha Rasheed (DPT-FA10-033)

Ilza Shoukat (DPT-FA09-094)

Nisar Fatima (DPT-FA09-016)

Efficacy of TENS in pain management after vaginal delivery in Gujrat city Dr. Sumera Malik; PT
21. Ayesha Razzaq (DPT-FA09-067)

Sana Shareef (DPT-FA09-014)

Prevalence of shoulder, neck and low back pain in nurses of Nishtar hospital Multan Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT
22. Rabab Kompal (DPT-FA09-087)

Sahar Aslam (DPT-FA09-065)

Prevalence of low back, neck and shoulder pain and associated risk factors among senior semester students of The University of Faisalabad Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT
23. Maimoona Yaqub (DPT-FA09-017)

Kaneez Fatima (DPT-FA09-092)

Trends of physiotherapy services, staffing and modalities at physiotherapy centers of Faisalabad Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2010-2015“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Amna Mehtab (DPT-FA10-083)

Sundas Farooq (DPT-FA10-016)

Quality of life after total hip replacement Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
2. Aqsa Anam (DPT-FA10-043)

Adeera Azam (DPT-FA10-074)

Hira Gulzar (DPT-FA10-075)

Anam Oresh (DPT-FA10-024)

Importance of psychological content in sports physiotherapy. A cross sectional survey Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
3. Ambrina Rasool (DPT-FA10-081)

Maryam Saleem (DPT-FA10-070)

Saba Maqbool (DPT-FA10-078)

Evaluation of risk factors & prevalence of work related complaints of arm, neck and shoulder among office computer workers Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
4. Aiza Nasir (DPT-FA10-006)

Ayesha Rehman (DPT-FA10-033)

Hira Shehzad Alvi (DPT-FA10-014)

Fatima Amjad (DPT-FA10-063)

Work related Msk disorders in physiotherapist in Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
5. Afeefa Ashraf (DPT-FA09-036)

Hadia Nadeem (DPT-FA10-022)

Fizza Waheed (DPT-FA09-050)

Muqaddas Shehzadi (DPT-FA09-040)

Comparison of Cryotherapy and heat therapy to relieve DOMS among new gym users Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
6. Syble Chirag (DPT-FA10-040)

Khadija Rehman (DPT-FA10-045)

Madeeha Nabi (DPT-FA10-055)

Iffrah Anwar (DPT-FA10-059)

Survey on physician’s knowledge about Physical Therapy Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
7. Sumroz Abid (DPT-FA10-026)

Maida Khalid (DPT-FA10-005)

Amara Afzal (DPT-FA09-082)

The association of causes of pain in neck,Shoulder and low back among middle levelSchool children in semi-government schools ofFaisalabad Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
8. Marium Mehmood (DPT-FA10-079)

Muntaha Mushtaq (DPT-FA10-084)

Arooj Jillani (DPT-FA10-038)

Nimra Ansa (DPT-FA10-062)

Risk of falls in elderly population Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
9. Munazza Rasheed (DPT-FA10-031)

Raffia Tariq (DPT-FA10-008)

Qandeel Malik(DPT-FA10-010)

Iqra Tahir (DPT-FA10-025)

Current clinical practices used by physical therapists in stroke rehabilitation in Faisalabad Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
10. Khadija Ikram (DPT-FA10-012)

Rida Fatima (DPT-FA10-054)

Nighat Shamshad (DPT-FA10-065)

Level of patient’s satisfaction of msk physical therapy care and associating factors of satisfaction Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
11. Rida Tahir (DPT-FA10-032)

Farrukh Qasim (DPT-FA10-027)

Maria Majeed (DPT-FA10-053)

Mariam Tariq (DPT-FA10-046)

Prevalence of neck tension syndrome in female tailors Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
12. Falak Naz (DPT-FA10-001)

Rukhsana Kausar (DPT-FA09-011)

Prevalence of cervical and shoulder pain among dental students Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
13. Madiha Saba (DPT-FA10-073)

Fatima Tahir (DPT-FA10-036)

Saira Ijaz (DPT-FA09-044)

Sana Kanwal (DPT-FA10-029)

Job satisfaction and desire to emigrate among PTs of Faisalabad Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
14. Saira Ismail (DPT-FA10-003)

Zarish Ishaq (DPT-FA10-002)

Tooba Zaidi (DPT-FA10-056)

Effect of sonophoresis in non specific low back pain Mrs. Summaiyah  Obaid
15. Sidra Manzoor (DPT-FA10-048)

Raheela Kausa (DPT-FA10-013)

Mehak Hamna (DPT-FA10-015)

Aroosa Azhar (DPT-FA10-017)

To evaluate the effectiveness of ischemic compression for trigger points of upper trapezius causing pain in neck among women survivors of district jail Faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah  Obaid
16. Maria Naeem (DPT-FA09-031)

Tehmina Ghafoor (DPT-FA10-019)

Ana Avaid (DPT-FA09-010)

Naheed Munawar (DPT-FA09-003)

Entrepreneur Aptitude among physical therapy students Batch 2010-2015 Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
17. Iqra Aslam (DPT-FA10-057)

Fatima Shafi (DPT-FA09-091)

Zuneera Saif (DPT-FA09-066)

Dur-E-Nayab (DPT-FA09-073)

Survey on problems faced by females due to pelvic girdle pain during 3rd Trimester in pregnancy. Reporting at nishtar hospital multan Dr. Maria Jamil: PT
18. Kaneez Fatima (DPT-FA10-051) Prevalence of neck pain among BSCS students of The University of Faisalabad. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2011-2016“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Rubina Zulfiqar (DPT-FA10-028)

Rafia Bibi (DPT-FA11-067)

Efficacy of TENS in the treatment of pain in 2nd and 3rd degree burn patients. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz: PT
2. Madiha Sabir (DPT-FA11-044)

Anum Bashir (DPT-FA11-044)

Maryam Safdar (DPT-FA11-046)

Comparison of effectiveness of TENS and stretching exercises to relieve neck pain among dentistry students. Dr. Maria Jamil: PT
3. Zara Azhar (DPT-FA11-025)

Khadija Akhund (DPT-FA11-049)

Iqra Khurshid (DPT-FA11-042)

A comparison of effects of manual therapy Vs TENS with cold packs in management of knee OA. Dr. Zahra Jabeen :PT
4. Farwah Batool (DPT-FA11-060)

Fatima Muaaz (DPT-FA11-073)

Relationship between hamstring tightness and chronic low back pain. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
5. Asfa Shehzadi (DPT-FA11-074) Efficacy of electrical stimulation in treatment of Bell’s Palsy. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
6. Aneela Umer (DPT-FA11-024)

Nawal Zahid (DPT-FA11-072)

Eimen Shahbaz (DPT-FA11-001)

MSK discomfort and work station evaluation in computer users of banks. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
7. Hafsa Anum (DPT-FA11-062)

Shafaq Naeem (DPT-FA11-082)

Hafiza Wajeeha (DPT-FA11-043)

Effects of static vs. dynamic stretching exercises on balance performance in older adults. Dr. Zahra Jabeen :PT
8. Syeda Maira Zaidi (DPT-FA11-008)

Aneeqa Shahid (DPT-FA11-070)

Comparison of effectiveness of ultrasound and isometric exercises for nonspecific neck pain. Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
9. Munazza Waseem (DPT-FA10-082) Prevalence of MSK problems in diabetic patients and awareness of physiotherapy among them. Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
10. QuraT-ul-Ain (DPT-FA11-078)

Nayab Yaqoob (DPT-FA11-080)

Prevalence of rounded shoulders among seated workers of TUF Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
11. Ambreen Tahir (DPT-FA11-084)

Ayesha Hameed (DPT-FA11-081)

Shamim Mahmooda (DPT-FA11-063)

Comparison of effects of TENS and Ultrasound therapy with TENS therapy on pain and ROM in female patients with knee osteoarthritis. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
12. Samar Javed (DPT-FA11-012)

Shiffa Jamil (DPT-FA10-060)

Effects of breathing exercises on COPD patients. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
13. Memoona Younus (DPT-FA11-023)

Asma Sattar (DPT-FA11-021)

QuraT-ul-Ain (DPT-FA11-005)

Trends of Physiotherapy services, staffing and modalities at physiotherapy centers of Faisalabad. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
14. Faiza Naser (DPT-FA11-030)

Ammara Arshad (DPT-FA11-038)

Iqra Ali (DPT-FA11-029)

Comparison of dynamic balance between flat feet and normal feet using Star Excursion Balance Test. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
15. Amna Iqbal (DPT-FA10-035)

Ayesha Saeed (DPT-FA10-009)

Awareness of physiotherapy in school and colleges of Sangla hill District Nankana Sahib. Dr. Sameera Rasool ;PT
16. Iqra Nazir (DPT-FA10-018)

Maham Saleem (DPT-FA10-068)

Effects of calf stretching vs. planter fascia stretching in treatment of planter fascists in nurses of Aziz Fatimah hospital of Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
17. Aisha Shahid (DPT-FA11-068)

Saba Arshad (DPT-FA11-079)

Amna Irum (DPT-FA11-089)

Prevalence of Pes Planus in the students of TUF and its association with BMI and footwear. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
18. Tayyaba Azam (DPT-FA10-062)

Asma Aleem (DPT-FA10-064)

Comparative effect of static and dynamic stretching to improve flexibility of Hamstring muscles among Non-athletes. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
19. Sundus Izhar (DPT-FA11-003)

Noor us Saba (DPT-FA11-057)

Rida Fatima (DPT-FA10-023)

Prevalence of MSK disorders among waiters of Koh e nor city Faisalabad. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
20. Shaheen Noor (DPT-FA11-083)

Aneela Sana (DPT-FA11-052)

Zunaira Umber (DPT-FA11-032)

Prevalence of carpel tunnel syndrome in third trimester of pregnancy and its effects on functional activities in Allied hospital and Madinah Teaching hospital Faisalabad. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
21. Kaneez Sadia (DPT-FA11-051)

Aqsa Rafi (DPT-FA11-002)

Sumera Karamat (DPT-FA11-066)

Comparison of effect of shoulder isometrics and resisted exercises in addition to joint mobilization in patients of frozen shoulder. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
22. Ifrah Shahid (DPT-FA11-090)

Anam Zahra (DPT-FA11-007)

Mariam Iqbal (DPT-FA11-014)

Survey on Foot and Ankle pain, its impact on functional activities and associated factors in university teachers. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
23. Ayesha Niaz (DPT-FA11-015)

Sana Qaiser (DPT-FA11-087)

Ergonomic evaluation of sonographic workstation its relationship with MSK disorder in major hospitals of Faisalabad. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
24. Memona Younas (DPT-FA11-055)

Shahrukh Gillani (DPT-FA10-072)

Sana Akhter (DPT-FA11-047)

To evaluate the effectiveness of chest physical therapy post-operatively after major abdominal surgeries Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
25. Umme Rubab (DPT-FA10-041)

Rubina Naz (DPT-FA10-042)

Samreen Said (DPT-FA11-039)

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in puerperium phase and associated risk factors. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
26. Hira Mann (DPT-FA10-071)

Iqra Ghafoor (DPT-FA10-021)

Amina Ibrahim (DPT-FA11-004)

The relationship between pain, Quadriceps strength and functional activity in grade 2 knee O.A patients. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
27. Arooj Hameed (DPT-FA11-059)

Haleema A. Qayyum (DPT-FA11-018)

Nayab Yousaf (DPT-FA11-028)

Knowledge, perception and utilization of physiotherapy practices by Obs and Gynae in private and govt. hospitals of Faisalabad. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
28. Aqsa Tariq (DPT-FA11-071)

Hina Tahir (DPT-FA11-027)

Rabia Tariq (DPT-FA11-075)

Calcaneal eversion in Obese females and associated factors. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
29. Aroosa Ashraf (DPT-FA10-058)

Mehvish Javed (DPT-FA10-047)

A study of risk factors of Piriformis Syndrome among chronic low back pain patients. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
30. Nosheen Afshan (DPT-FA11-045)

Taleeha Zahid Ayesha (DPT-FA11-034)

Prevalence of upper limb problems in mobile users. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
31. Aqsa Saman (DPT-FA11-48)

Anam Maqbool (DPT-FA11-058)

Iqra Altaf (DPT-FA11-033)

Effects of running and stretching exercises on primary dysmenorrhea in adolescent girls. Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
32. Lieza Iftikhar (DPT-FA11-050)

Mavra Siddique (DPT-FA11-026)

Comparison of 1st year and final year medical students’ attitude towards older population. Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2012-2017“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Faiza Liaqat (DPT-FA09-084)

Maleeha Anwar (DPT-FA12-055)

Mina Qalab (DPT-FA11-076)

Fall prevention strategies used by physical therapist in hospitals of Faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
2. Ayesha Akram (DPT-FA12-003)

Ayesha Faiz (DPT-FA12-025)

Effects of gluteus maximus activation on non-specific low back pain. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
3. Sanam Javed (DPT-FA12-083)

Mahroz Mehmood (DPT-FA12-071)

Marium Asif (DPT-FA12-072)

Comparison of l4 and   l5 facet joint mobilization and static stretching on hamstring extensibility in non specific low back patient Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
4. Iqra Zulfiqar (DPT-FA12-087)

Aimen Maqsood (DPT-FA12-049)

Hina Hamid (DPT-FA12-076)

The effects of exercises on insomnia Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
5. Nirmal Javed (DPT-FA12-007)

Affreenish Farrukh (DPT-FA12-009)

Ramisha Ijaz (DPT-FA12-038)

Assesment of balance in healthy population  from fourth to seventh decade of life in both male and female gender Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
6.  Ayesha Maqbool (DPT-FA12-054)

Sana Asghar (DPT-FA12-010)

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in care givers of handicap children Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
7. Maria Idrees (DPT-FA12-058)

Samina Mukhtar (DPT-FA12-082)

Sonia Sikander (DPT-FA12-040)

Turvey on prevalence of risk factors and prevention strategies for musculoskeletal disorders among physiotherapist of faisalabad. Dr.  Maria Jamil; PT
8. Anam Ziarat (DPT-FA12-022)

Anam Khaliq (DPT-FA12-086)

Qandeel Ishfaq (DPT-FA12-065)

The prevalence of mechanical low backpain and  its associated risk factors in motorway police Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
9. Khoula Tariq (DP-FA12-023)

Sehrish Gull (DPT-FA12-052)

RabiaJaved (DPT-FA12-043)

Relative efficacy  of strengthening exercises and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in mechanical low back pain and functional limitation among nurses Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
10. Tanzila Badar (DPT-FA12-062)

Amna Chohan (DPT-FA12-019)

Survey on learning style preferences among undergraduate dpt students at the university of faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
11.  Sehar Zahid CH (DPT-FA12-031)

Afreen Zafar (DPT-FA12-032)

Samra Aslam (DPT-FA12-041)

Measuring the quality of life in myocardial infarction and post cabg patients in fsd Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
12. Nida Bukhari (DPT-FA12-064)

Nosheen Zahid (DPT-FA12-039)

Comparison between effects of deep friction massage, ischemic compression and passive stretching for the treatment of myofascial trigger points in neck and upper back Dr. Mahvish Musharraf; PT
13. Syeda Abera (DPT-FA12-070)

Anam Ali (DPT-FA12-079)

Mobeen Javed (DPT-FA12-084)

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in 1st 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy Dr. Noreen Kiran ;PT
14. Komal Tariq (DPT-FA12-073)

Fatima Aleem (DPT-FA12-066)

Ayesha Zia (DPT-FA12-029)

Pain characteristics and balance confidence in relation to fall risk in older adults with msk pain Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
15.  Abeera Kaleem (DPT-FA12-048)

Mehwish Abdul Rehman (DPT-FA12-013)

Bareeha Fatima (DPT-FA12-020)

Interventions / strategies to increase patients adherence to exercise program in chronic low back pain Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
16. Umme Farwa (DPT-FA12-063)

Minal Gul (DPT-FA12-014)

Tuba Almas (DPT-FA12-050)

Factor causing exams and anxiety in physiotherapy students of tuf Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
17. Aqsa Abdul Razaq (DPT-FA12-008)

Fatma Shahid (DPT-FA12-006)

Effectiveness of walking in knee osteoarthrits Dr. Noreen Kiran; PT
18. Mehreen Ilahi (DPT-FA12-027)

Sara Aslam (DPT-FA12-028)

Fizza Iqbal (DPT-FA11-086)

Identification of risk of fall and its association with biomechanical characteristics of gait in patients with knee osteoarthrits Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
19. Mehmoona Shaukat (DPT-FA12-021)

Sarwat Almas (DPT-FA11-088)

Screening in school children for gals Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
20. Fatima Qasim ( DPT-FA12-001)

Sara Manzoor (DPT-FA12-017)

Comparison of complete decongestive therapy with intermittent pneumatic compression for the management of lymphedema Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
21. Jrum Ali (DPT-FA12-018)

Munza parveen (DPT-FA12-046)

Aroosa Ishfaq (DPT-FA12-033)

Effect of high intensity interval training and moderate intensity continous training on cardiovascular endurance in young healthy female Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
22. Palvasha Naz (DPT-FA12-011)

Bakhtawar Khan (DPT-FA13-001)

Prevalence of various disabilities and their impact on overall  health and quality of life aiming handicapped children of special education schools of faisalabad Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
23. Nimra Waseem (DPT-FA12-037)

Sara Khalid (DPT-FA12-015)

Prevalence of acute backache following spinal anesthesia and its association with demographic and surgical factors Dr. Mahvish Musharraf ;PT