Study Tour Report Drug Testing Laboratory

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The drug testing laboratory tour gives us opportunity to visualize the tests and instruments that we are learning in our study course. Its very important for every student to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure to different labs.

On April 9,2016 we departed at around 9:30 in the morning with our coordinator ma’am Ayesha and teachers ma’am Zunaira afzal and ma’am Maria. After half an hour of travel we reached at drug testing laboratory . The director Muhammad Shafiq khan and Assistant director muzamil welcome us and give us a brief intro of drug testing laboratory. Then the Assistant director takes us to the drug sample collection room and tells us that how sample reached us via different ways. Then he introduced us with his staff and tells us the qualifications of them .

Then our class is divided in two groups and we start visiting the labs.First we visited the analytical labs on 2nd floor . They explain us the working of thin layer chromatography , UV spectrometry, high pressure liquid chromatography , fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Then miss Iqra and miss Saba (Government Analyst) gives us demonstration that how they make dilutions of sample and also showed us the appratuses like polarimeter , ph meter, weighing balance of different types.

Then we move towards the 3rd floor where we visited the microbiological section . There Analyst mr Umer explain the working of hot air oven and autoclave.In last we visited the report and dispatch department.

At 12:20 they give us refreshment and in end we take group photos with faculty and staff of drug testing laboratory .At 01:00 pm we left the DTL and and at 01:30 we reached back to The University of Faisalabad.