Why Optometry?

“Whosoever saves a life saves the entire human race.”—Quran

The University of Faisalabad is a unique and dedicated institution for learning and making optometry a career for future. It is proudly the first and most trusted institution for offering Doctor of Optometry program in Pakistan.

Optometrists are essentially primary eye care physicians capable of addressing both eye health and vision concerns. This includes undertaking testing, assessment and diagnosis; and providing vision correction through vision training, glasses or contact lenses. They may also prescribe antibiotics or other topical treatments for ocular conditions if necessary. They may then need to communicate these results with other health providers, refer to ophthalmologists for surgery, or liaise with a GP to set up a co-management strategy to address any particular health concerns. on the light side, the fun job of selecting spectacle frames and fashion eyewear for my clients is also a part of optometry.

As OD’s you will be able to open up your own practice, teach, work in a Government setup etc. It is a vastly growing field with international recognition boasting of many post-graduate fellowships and Ph.D opportunities in USA, Canada, England and Australia.  It is highly rewarding and offers a good, comfortable lifestyle.

As part of their goals to accomplish Vision 2020, The World Health Organization has labeled Optometry as an integral part of the Vision saving fields.

Do not miss a chance to become a part of this enthralling and rewarding specialty.

Optometry at TUF

The University of Faisalabad is the pioneer of the degree of Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan. We are the first ones to officially start this degree in Pakistan and hence now by virtue of experience, the best at our work.

The School of Optometry has state of the art labs with the latest equipment suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate clinical work as well as research facilities. we have separate portions for lend dispensing, low vision, refraction units etc, as detailed in the section on lab equipment.

Moreover, our students do clinical rotations at the Department of Ophthalmology, in Madinah Teaching Hospital, which is one of the biggest and most well-equipped eye care facilities in the whole city.

Our faculty consists of well trained doctors and optometrists working in liaison to provide the best experience for our students.

Our highly successful and flourishing Alumni are a testament of all our hard work and effort.


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