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Session 2011-2016  
Sr. No Researcher Name Reg No Topic Name Supervisor Name
1 Hafzah Ahmad OD-Fa11-034 Screening of Refractive errors and attitude toward spectacle use in students of The University of Faisalabad Ms.Rubina Kousar
2 Anum Hafeez OD-Fa11-026
3 Zunaira Rehman OD-Fa11-024
4 Rabia Khalid OD-Fa11-033 Frequency of asthenopic symptoms and their risk factors among professional computer users Ms.Rahat-Ul-Ain
5 Aneeqa Nasir OD-Fa11-029
6 Shaiza  Liaqat OD-Fa11-037
7 Rizwa Falak OD-Fa11-031 Frequency of causes behind the spectacle intolerance in single vision glasses Ms.Hira Sundas
8 Ayesha Kiran OD-Fa11-022
9 Hafiza Saima Nazir Awan OD-Fa11-021
10 Rabia saeed OD-Fa11-023 Prevalence of Convergence insufficiency and its associated symptoms among patient visiting Ophthalmology Department of MTH Faisalabad Ms.Hira Sundas
11 Nimra Gul OD-Fa11-025
12 Mehak Zehra OD-Fa11-005 Frequency of presbyopia and factors influencing early onset of presbyopia Ms.Rubina Kousar
13 Hifza Imtiaz OD-Fa11-018
14 Fatima Iqbal OD-Fa11-019 Effects of cyclopentolate hydrochloride 1% on corneal curvature and axial length in Myopes, Emmetropes and Hypermetropes Ms.Kalsoom Rani
15 Sadaf Sattar OD-Fa11-016
16 Shehla Shabir OD-Fa11-002
17 Rida sikander OD-Fa11-011 Comparison of differences in readings of IOL Master (Non contact) with A-Scan (contact) axial length Ms.Tahira Kalsoom
18 Baseerat noor OD-Fa11-030
19 Shakila Abbas OD-Fa11-017 Prevalence of Myopia in Primary and Secondary Urban and Rural School going Children from 6-18 years of age Ms.Tahira Kalsoom
20 Komal Shahzadi OD-Fa11-007
21 Rabia Munir OD-Fa11-032
22 Syeda Iqra OD-Fa11-009 To determine the blink rate and tear break up time in computer users with Schirmer test II Ms.Rahat-Ul-Ain
23 Hina Nasir OD-Fa11-010
24 Amna waseem OD-Fa11-020 To determine the frequency of asthenopia and rule out its causes in Female students of The University of Faisalabad Ms.Kalsoom RANI

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Session 2012-2017

Sr.No Researcher Name Reg No Topic name  
1 Aniqa Ghani OD-FA11-027 Effect of Ethambutol on Visual Acuity, Contrast and Color vision in the Tuberculosis Patients visiting Allied Hospital Faisalabad Ms.Kalsoom Rani
2 Sidra Ghani OD-Fa12-009
3 Zahra Alamgir OD-Fa12-015
4 Moomal Tariq OD-Fa11-008 Comparison of Blink Rate in Children of age 6-10 years using VDT and Hardy Copy Material Ms.Kalsoom Rani
5 Maha Shaukat OD-Fa12-011
6 Maleeha Qamar OD-Fa12-010
7 Smaha Jahangir OD-Fa12-026 Comparison between Cycloplegic Retinoscopy and Retinoscopy with fogging of fellow eye among Emmetropes, Myopes and Hypermetropes Ms.Fatima Iqbal
8 Andleeb Iftikhar OD-Fa12-023
9 Afia Tahir OD-Fa12-007
10 Laiba Atiq OD-Fa12-006 The Effect og Anisometropia on Grades of BSV Ms.Rahat-Ul-ain
11 Laiba Khurram OD-Fa12-028
12 Zainab Ihsan OD-Fa12-029
13 Sumaira Shakoor Qaisrani OD-Fa12-031 Association of Asthenopia, Pre-Presbyopia and Refractive errors in workers involved in handcrafting Ms.Rahat-Ul-Ain
14 Kiran Shakeel Alvi OD-Fa12-024
15 Muntaha Irshad OD-Fa12-013
16 Alia Jamal OD-Fa14-006
17 Mawra Zahid OD-Fa12-027 Comparison between conventional and electronic D15 test among color normal subjects Ms.Fatima Iqbal
18 Iqra Khalil OD-Fa12-018
19 Azka Noor OD-Fa12-019
20 Maidah Khurram OD-Fa12-001 Frequency of Amblyopia due to Refractive errors and Squint in patients presenting in Madinah Teaching Hospital Ms.Tahira Kalsoom
21 Shanza Arif OD-Fa12-003
22 Faiza Zahid OD-Fa12-005
23 Nida Amin OD-Fa12-035 Measurement of color vision and contrast sensitivity in Five star Textile Industry Faisalabad Ms.Tahira Kalsoom
24 Nimra Fatima OD-Fa12-034
25 Hiba Asad OD-Fa12-002
26 Shafaq Shafqat OD-Fa12-004
27 Mariam Sadiq OD-Fa12-008 Frequency of low vision patient and their causes presenting in MTH. Ms.Kalsoom Rani
28 Hafiza Ayesha Khalil OD-Fa12-025
29 Sidra Ibrahim OD-Fa12-022
30 Ayesha Mansoor OD-Fa12-014 Frequency of protective eye wears and factors that affect it at Crescent Textile Industry Faisalabad Ms.Kalsoom Rani
31 Mehwish Majeed OD-Fa11-004
32 Manahil maqsood OD-Fa12-032


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Sr. No Researcher Name Registration no Topic Name Supervisor name
1 Khushbu Fatima MPO-FA14-004 Effect Of LASIK on Tear Film Stability. Published in The Professionals Medical Journal(Journal of Independent Medical College Faisalabad) Dr.Zahid Siddiq
2 Aisha Arshad MPO-FA14-006 Effect of spectacle Centration on Stereoacuity. Published in Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College Dr.Amir Ali Ch.
3 Shua Azam MPO-FA14-003 Risk factors in dry eye. Published in International journal of ophthalmology update
4 Aisha Buzdar MPO-FA14-001 Impact Of Corrected and Uncorrected Refractive Errors on Visual Related Quality of Life among People Visiting THQ Hospital Taunsa Sharif. Published in Ophthalmology update Dr.Zahid Siddiq
5 Zaneera Hassan MPO-FA14-007 Parental Compliance to Patching in the treatment of Amblyopia Dr.Amir Ali Ch.
6 Farah Raheem MPO-FA14-002 Evaluation of Factors Responsible For Significant Spectacles Discomfort.Published in Ophthalmology update Dr.Zahid Siddiq
7 Rabbia Ammer MPO-FA14-008 Asymptomatic Ocular changes among long term Contact Lens users. Published in International Journal of Basic and Applied research Dr.Basim Mubarak
8 Nazish Nazir MPO-FA14-009 Barriers to eye Care Follow-up in School Children in Rawalpindi. Published in Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College Dr.Basim Mubarak
9 Saba Akram MPO-FA14-005 Comparison of convergence Insufficiency between Different Refractive states of Eye. Published in Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College Dr.Amir Ali Ch.
10 Asma Batool MPO-FA14-010 Changes of Tear Film after Recovery from Acute Conjunctivitis. Published in Journal of Rawalpindi Medical College Dr.Basim Mubarak



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