Optometrist  give the best possible eye care to their patients.Students are enjoying both the  lab and hospital facilities to boost up their knowledge and  ensure the public eye health.

Sight testing devices and associated equipment used by the optometrist in a practice setting or in the research laboratory. There are instruments for refraction, surface examination of the eye and internal illumination using various instruments and  techniques like:


Lab-1:   Instrument Lab 1
1 Pellirobsen
2 Cross cylinder 0.5 (2)
3 Cross cylinder 0.25 (2)
4 Retinoscopy
5 Opthalmoscope
6 Log mar (ETDR)
7 Tono meter schiortz
8 Amseler
9 Artificial eye for opthamoscopy
10 Artificial eye for retnioscopy
11 Stereo fly test
12 Tno red/green stereo test
13 Flurescene strip box
14 Lea symbols
15 Lensometer
16 Loose prisms
17 Schirmer strips
18 Telescope/magnifier
19 Pupil size ruler
20 Scleral contact lens kit
21 Soft contact lens kit for aphakia
22 Soft contact lens kit
23 Soft prosthetic lens kit black and clear pupil
24 Lens saline solution for contact lens
25 Slit lamp
26 Amseler grid
27 D-15 color vision test
28 Ishihara color chart
29 Pelli robsen contrast sensitivity chart
30 Prism bar
31 pinhole
32 Snellen eye chart
33 Translucent occuluder
34 Trial frame
35 Trial lens box
36 Lcd tv sony

Lab Work: 

IMG_4882 IMG_4886 IMG_4893 IMG_4901 IMG_4902 IMG_4909

Lab-2: Instruments lab-2
1 Low  vision Kit
2 Slit lamp
3 Contact lens kit
4 Contact lens solution
5 Lens conditioning solution for contact lens
6 Pediatric soft contact lens kit
7 Rose k trial kit
8 Prosthetic contact lenses

Lab Work: IMG_4922 - Copy IMG_4932 IMG_4938 IMG_4947


Lab-3: MTH  lab-3
1 Autorefractor
2 Air Puff Tonometer
3 Biometery
4 A-Scan
5 Trial box
6 Trial lenses

Lab Work: 

2015-08-22_1109 2015-08-22_1124 IMG_5056 IMG_5070 IMG_5084 IMG_5091