Doctor of Optometry

Program Description

Optometry is a professional discipline based on the optical and vision sciences. Optometry graduates are considered to be qualified professionals who are able to practice in the public as well as private institutions. Presently quite a few institutions run the BS program of optometry in Pakistan although the demand for optometrists is on the increase not only within the country but also in other parts of the world. The University of Faisalabad and Medical and Dental College associated with it have state of the art facilities in the form of infrastructure, well equipped labs and highly qualified faculty. In addition to above, Madinah Teaching Hospital and its Eye Centre have all the facilities required for any type of diagnosis, treatment in general and in eye care. The University‘s program of Doctor of Optometry is planned to cover courses relevant to optometry as well as Vision Sciences.

The first two semesters offer foundation courses. The students will develop clinical skills through in depth understanding of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the visual system in the conducive classroom teaching as well as working in the clinical skills center during the first 2 years of education. During the next semesters the students will develop the knowledge and achieve the clinical skills required for modern optometrist practice. They will also work under the supervision of team of experts working in Eye Clinic, a component of Madinah Teaching Hospital of The University of Faisalabad. Our Eye Clinic is one of the oldest and well known eye centers throughout the province of Punjab for treating patients with eye diseases. Cornea plantation facility is also available. Quite a large number of patients have benefited from this centre.

Special seminars on topics such as practice management and administration, primary care diagnosis and treatment, new development in optometry will be arranged during final years of study.


The students will carry out full eye examinations and will gain specialist skills such as pediatric, in ocular vision,Contact lens and dispensing. In addition they will examine patients with a range of eye diseases and gain experience in dispensing spectacles.

Career Opportunities:

Being a newly introduced program in Optometrist and Visionary Science, it has tremendous job opportunities in public and private sector hospitals of the country. The graduates will have opportunity for employment in Pharmaceutical Industry.They can run an independent optometrist clinic  that will prove as a novel option and fruitful experience.