About Us

“Whosoever saves a life saves the entire human race.”—Quran

The University of Faisalabad is a unique and dedicated institution for learning and making optometry a career for future. It is proudly the first and most trusted institution for offering Doctor of Optometry program in Pakistan.

Mission Statement

To provide quality education, to develop reflective thinking and decision making power in each and every student. To equip students with professional, ethical, social, cultural and Islamic values. To produce skilled and competent health professionals who can play a vital role in improving the health care system.

Vision Statement

To prepare future doctors of optometry who can enhance optimal health and wellness of individuals dealing with uncorrected refractive errors, mild redness to severe vision threatening conditions. These professionals will work for the well-being of pediatric, adult and geriatric population, following the obligations of evidence based practice and contribute valuable research work

Career Positions

Our graduates may serve in the country or overseas in the following capacities:

  • Out Patient clinical specialist
  • In-patient hospital consultant
  • Private clinic/Entrepreneur professional
  • Community based Rehabilitation Expert
  • Professor/Lecturer
  • Orthoptics and pediatric care
  • Low vision and rehabilitation experts
  • Contact lens specialist
  • Behavioral optometry
  • Geriatric care specialist
  • Public Health Managers/Administrator
  • Sports vision expert
  • Evidence based Researcher

Job Opportunities

Our graduates may find jobs in both public and private sector organizations inside or outside the country as indicated below

 Public Sector

  • Public Health Departments/Hospitals
  • Teaching and Research Institutions
  • International Organizations
  • NGOs

Private Sector

  • Hospitals/ Health Care Centers
  • Teaching and Research Institutions
  • Independent clinics