School of Engineering Technology

Program: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (Electrical, Electronics, Civil)

Short Title: BSET

Duration: 8 Semester (4 Years)

Credit Hours: 135 – 140

Eligibility Requirement: DAE / F.Sc (Pre-Engg.) with minimum 60% marks.

Location: Amin Campus (male)



Engineering technologists work across a wide range of engineering disciplines dedicated to the development and implementation of engineering and technology. The Bachelor of Engineering Technology prepares you for these diverse careers. You learn to make engineering judgments, solve problems creatively and ethically and design for sustainability. You develop strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, and communicate technical and non-technical information. The strengths of the program include: an applied, hands-on program; extensive laboratory experience; and promising job placement.


Graduates of electrical technology program at the University of Faisalabad will have

  • The knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to make tangible contributions in the fields of electrical technology
  • Ability to meet new technical challenges, contribute effectively as team members, and be innovators in the analysis, design and implementation of electrical and electronic devices and systems in their respective areas of specialization
  • Ability to communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers and society

Program Structure

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program at The University of Faisalabadleaves its graduates with deeper problem-solving skills, design skills, and engineering judgment as well as fundamental industry knowledge and research experience. Throughout the duration of the program, students learn about the technology education, how to define problems, how to design appropriate methodologies, and how to evaluate outcomes. All of this prepares the graduate for conducting applied research in the real world. Program faculty members have extensive backgrounds in engineering, technology, and related disciplines, and even non-technical core courses are taught by subject matter experts in their corresponding disciplines.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology will prepare you for an exciting career in a variety of design, production, automation, quality, and application-related positions in industry. These professionals are most likely to enter positions in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, product design, testing, and technical service. The Engineering Technology program is designed to meet employers’ growing needs, created by the technology revolution. With the skills you develop in this program, you will be able to integrate academic theory and professional practice in order to communicate effectively with engineers, scientists, the production workforce, marketing professionals, company management, and ultimately the customer. Career opportunities include number of industries such as:

  • Automation Design and Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Defense
  • Public Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Utilities Industry
  • Energy Systems
  • Boiler and Steam Systems