Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • What are the principles of Islamic Banking?
  • What is Islamic banking?
  • What are the driving principles of Islamic banks?
  • What are the common Sharia principles underlying all Islamic financial instruments?
  • The key questions the Sharia Boards ask
  • What are the problems with the Fatwas issued by Sharia Boards?
  • Are companies with debt related activities excluded from Islamic investment portfolios?
  • What are the Islamic investment purification principles?
  • What are the Islamic financial systems available to run the economy and how can they be used in the current economic conditions.
  • A complete and indepth knowledge of  Islamic financial tools available.
  • What are the risks faced by Islamic banks which are not faced by conventional banks?

Course Outline:

Islamic banking is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the financial market place, largely driven by the new wealth of the Middle East and by the need for Muslims, representing one-fifth of the world’s population, to find islamically acceptable financial products.

However the pace at which Islamic banking and finance training courses are being developed, to match this growth in demand, is slow, very slow, with the availability of world class quality training in the subject area lagging far behind that of demand.

The courses listed below is designed to break through the mysteries and complexities of what, to an outsider, can sometimes be seen as a myriad of puzzling banking principles.

Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Finance

Recommended Text Books:

S.No. Title Author(s) Assigned Code
1 Islamic Banking


Dr. Imran Ashraf usmani IAU
2 Islamic Law and finance Frank E. Vogel FEV
3 Historic Judgement on Interest Justice Maulana Taqi Usmani MTU



LecturesNo. Description Text Book
  • Introduction of self & students
  • Introduction to the subjects
  • Brand Grid
2 Brand Identity System DAA
3 Case study  
4 Organizational Association DAA
5 Brand Personality DAA
6 Identity Implementation DAA
7 Brand Strategies DAA
8 MID Term & Project Discussion  
9 Managing Brand Systems DAA
10 Case Study  
11 Leveraging Brands DAA
12 Measuring Brand Equity DAA
13 22 Immutable Laws of branding LA
14 Brand Architecture LA
15 Project Presentation DAA
16 Final Examination