The purpose of this course is to provide students a clear view of Entrepreneurship in society especially related to Ownership and issues with a proper understanding of core concepts. Entrepreneurship examines how owner and his firms make decisions and how they interact with each other in a medium. The major areas of focus will be Starting of Business and creating opportunity analysis. On the other hand, SoleTradership and creating own jobs deals with broad economic aggregates such as attraction of selling, the overall level of prices, mediums and the demand in market and the most important thing attaining Profit. The major areas of focus will be measurement of opportunities of business and its role in Marketing, consumption function, and economic growth of a country and a society.  Marketing cycles will also be discussed. After defining key variables such as segmentation, purchase power, adds, sales, and exchange value etc., we will develop various theoretical frameworks to formalize the relationships between these variables.  The Great Entrepreneur will be covered with some basic applications. We will also discuss some of the readings and articles from specified journals, surveys, reports and newspapers especially on Pakistan’s Markets and Entrepreneurs. This course aims to provide a solid understanding of basic marketing principles and the ability to apply these tools and ideas in the fields of Marketing, business and management.


  • By the end of the course, students will possess a clear understanding of how the Marketing theory of Entrepreneurship explains the Marketing problems faced by individual and customers with agents such as consumers, firms and factors of production as well as the situation of an economy. Upon completion of the course it is expected that students should be able to:
  • understand the basic concepts of Ownership and various issues in the theory of micro & macro Ownership tools at a level appropriate for a first year business studies at graduate level
  • understand the microeconomic models of Entrepreneurship and marketing and Segmentation, consumer and firm’s behaviour and market structures in terms of Media and buying
  • understand the basic structure of the Practical Marketing in Media through adds with reference to Ownership
  • understand the forces determining Entrepreneurship examples
  • Current pattern of Marketing adds in Pakistan
  • Establish a framework of basic Ownership theory which can be extended and applied at later stages of the degree program.
  • understand the marketing related news and issues
  • provide an insight into the major policy debates in the field of  business and Marketing

Prerequisite(s): None

Recommended Text Books:

S.No. Title Author(s) Assigned Code
1 Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Thomas W Zimmerer Book 1



Ch 1


Foundation of Entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship

World of Entrepreneurs

Cultural Diversity

Benefits of Entrepreneurship

Ch 2 Inside the Mind of Entrepreneurs



Creative Thinking

Barriers to Creativity

Creative Process

How to create ideas

Ch 3 Strategic Management and Entrepreneur



Building a Competitive Advantage

Strategic Management Process

Its application and Practical approach

Ch 4 Forms of Business Ownership and Franchising


Sole proprietorship



Franchising and Types of Franchising

Benefits of Buying Franchising

Ch 5 Buying and existing business


How a business is bought and used and which things ,Negotiations and The Due diligence process
Ch 6 Buying a Powerful Marketing Plan Building a Guerilla Marketing Plan

Pinpointing Target Market

Determining customer needs. wants and strategies

Ch 7 E Commerce and Entrepreneurship  

How Entrepreneurship exists in the world wide web

Ch 11 Crafting a Winning Business Plan


Detail study of Business Plan and its working

Practical grand business plan concept is discussed


Ch 13


Choosing a right location and Layout


TV channels and other sources used to communicate to the audience
Case Study Case Studies on Entrepreneurs Learning aspect of how poor people reach the peaks of business world and their struggle
Case Study Work of different theorists on Entrepreneurship and their work Study of the past experiences and work done on the field with reference to the current business world
Article Review Selected review of articles on Entrepreneurship Readings selected from magazines and research for the learning purposes
Ch 14 Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship


What PR and Promotional campaigns are handled by Entrepreneurs in the world

Please note: This is a proposed schedule only and may be varied at the discretion of the instructor to give a greater or lesser degree of emphasis to particular topics.

Recommended Practical Topics

  • 1
Marketing: An Introduction and Vocabulary”, Harvard Business School. Michael G.
2 The Great Depression: Causes and Impact”, Harvard Business School. McCraw, Thomas K.
3 Pakistan Economic Survey, Ministry of Finance Government of Pakistan (2008)
5 Watch TV channels at Prime Time (7-9PM)