Course (Catalog) Description: This course is a “capstone” seminar in general management and can be only taken upon successful completion of the five preceding courses. The knowledge, theories, skills, and techniques derived from all previous courses will be integrated. Analysis and diagnosis of business problems will be applied in order to formulate strategies, tactics, plans, and policies for the improvement of organizational performance. Accomplished through practice in rational and responsible decision-making processes, the course will develop a well-defined approach to solving the technical, economic, and human problems of management.


At the conclusion of this course, the student should able to:

  1. Providing recapitulations and summaries;
  2. Making observations that integrate concepts and discussions;
  3. Citing relevant personal examples;
  4. Asking key questions that lead to revealing discussions;
  5. Engaging in devil’s advocacy;
  6. Disagreeing with the instructor when the difference of opinion serves as both counterpoint and a way of exploring all sides of a concept, issue, or practice;
  7. Presenting one of his/her thought items to the class;
  8. Working with others to come to a common understanding of topics — in and out of the classroom;
  1. Offering a different and unique, but relevant insight into the issue;
  2. Moving the discussion forward with a concrete example to generate a deeper, richer appreciation of the conceptual issue; and
  3. Transcending the “I feel” syndrome, meaning your comment is embedded in some conceptual or experiential framework.
COURSE CONTENT Week 01, 02 Introductory Lecture

“The Dynamics of Business and Economics”

Week 03, 04 Ethical Business Policy and Strategy

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Week 05, 06 Business in a Borderless World
Week 07, 08 Managing Unionized Employees”

In-Class Handout: “Labor Relations in a Global Context

Week 09, 10 Managing Human Resources

The Nature of Management

Week 11, 12 Organization, Teamwork, and Communication

Motivating the Workforce

Week 13 Options for Organizing Business

Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising

Week 14 Customer-Driven Marketing

Dimensions of Marketing Strategy

Week 15 Accounting and Financial Statements

Money and the Financial System

Week 16 Financial Management and Securities Markets
Week 17 Final Exam


  1. Paperback O. C. Ferrell and Geoffrey Hirt. Business: A Changing World. Sixth Edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2008.