• Message of HOS

    School of Interior Design is a nascent yet promising program at The University of Faisalabad. The School has been established to fulfill the contemporary necessities in building sector, while providing an appropriate shield with the help of cost effective materials in a developed, formalized, aesthetic based craft oriented version that combines the elements and principles of design with practical applications by incorporating space planning and problem solving, supplemented with general education coursework.

    The course content has well over half of its credit hours spent in the design studio as the prime learning location. It covers courses such as Model Making, Sketch skills, History, Furniture Design, Photography, Landscape, Technical Drawings, Structures as well as services which will provide sound support to the design studios. The courses of Project Management, Professional Practice and Entrepreneurship are also the part of the degree program that help to enhance the professional competency.

    After completion of the program, graduates can join architectural firms, facilitators in management teams,artists, color consultants, furniture designers, exhibit designers, hotels, & retail interior designers, photo stylist, display designers, home restoration supervisors, entrepreneurs.

    Join us as we build tomorrow.

    Nijah Hamid HoS/ Coordinator School of Interior Design  
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