About Us

Objectives of the School

School of English aims to project the critical significance of two parallel and sometimes inseparable disciplines, Linguistics and Literature in English. (SE) at TUF is committed to endorse an enriching research-based pedagogic compound of synchronic and diachronic perspectives on language, with reference to both form and meaning. Similarly, it is also concerned with elusive nuances involved in the experience of aesthetics involving practical applications of these aesthetic principles on the works of literature. Parallel to it School of English is also focused for the students’ understanding of the literature, history, and style of writing and techniques in use throughout the ages in the field of English.

Mission of the School

Our mission is to cultivate newer understandings of the structure of language in itself as well as the role of language as the medium constituting the link between our mind and the world, our individual and social identities, our past and present, and, not the least, our essentially human license to oscillate between facts and thoughts. Also to make the students capable of understanding different theories and criticism on the works of literature with reference to language and other aspects highlighting the various devices differentiating past writings with that of the present one.

Career Opportunities

In the field of English after doing masters there are many career opportunities available for the students:

  • Media and Journalism
  • Publication
  • Advertising and Public Relation
  • Teaching
  • Arts
  • Civil Service