• Message from the Head Of School

    In this era of emerging techniques and methods, English Language Teaching goes way beyond the four walls of a classroom. We focus on incorporating eclecticism; we encourage diversity. Our programs represent a broad and changing spectrum of interests, backgrounds, and approaches. We have strength in teaching and research, both of English literature and linguistics. The Department’s graduate programs train students for careers in teaching at varied levels and conducting action research as part of their vocational growth. We provide hands-on training of various computational techniques for further supervised research. In the mélange of current world affairs and tech-related dilemmas, we consider it as part of our curriculum to develop critical thinking abilities of our learners in the best possible way. Our faculty is dedicated to implementing teaching of subject-related areas while we work in collaboration with a number of departments to hire professionals for teaching of cognate disciplines, like Statistics and Sociology etc. Together we offer a variety of vibrant learning experiences, based on strong theoretical foundations. With this, I would like to welcome you to the School of English Language and Literature! Dr Maimoona Abdulaziz Head of School