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    Welcome to the School of Electrical Engineering (TUF). The School of Electrical Engineering is one of the first engineering alma mater in Faisalabad – To be established at TUF.

    Since the formation of this alma mater at Faisalabad in 2002, the institution has progressed to its peak and zenith that the institution has developed and transformed – To be the largest school of engineering at Faisalabad – (Manchester of Paksitan). In the Engineering discipline we are currently offering i.e. BS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering and PhD Electrical Engineering. In main three fields i.e. Electronics Engineering, Power Engineering and Computer System Engineering and all these programs accredited with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The TUF is best equipped with qualified faculty in Electrical Engineering discipline having exposure of foreign qualified PhD and Masters level/ and with our lab equipped with state-of-art.

    We have added value in our pursuit to enhance the research arena as a specialized field and our research scholars are foreign exposed.

    It is this passion with has helped us as leading ranker in the discipline of Electrical Engineering. The passion of learning at international standard with tune with the students to accept modern challenges and provide solution thereof in the field of activity, i.e. Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics, Power and Computer System Engineering.

    With the background, we have produced our graduates who are considered at rating and are successfully working at National and International level.

    In this scenario, we welcome the new entrants who will join our school as a student and we ensure their bright future, since our alma mater is equipped with Labs of International Standard, Foreign Qualified Faculty Members, Learning atmosphere with class-room facility, Library Facility etc./ and at the end of student to display the hard-work, dedication and commitment of the first order.

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