M.Phil Nutrition and Dietetics


The Food and Nutrition  Science has now emerged as a progressively   expanding discipline with  new  facts  and developments. Moreover, the role of food components  both in health and disease has contributed in the advancement of the field. Increased  awareness  in the recent  years about the  balance diet on the health of individuals has aroused the interest for higher education  in food and nutrition. This implies  that career opportunities  in this field are growing rapidly. Keeping  in view the excelling  importance  and awareness about the field of food and nutrition there is a dire need to launch post graduate  programs  in nutrition  and dietetics at  The  University of  Faisalabad,   so  that  the  graduates could complete their research-based higher studies for the provision  of better expertise and knowledge as skilled nutritionists.

The  primary focus   on  M Phil program in  Nutrition and Dietetics  is the diverse scientific  basis of human needs for food  and its nutrients,  the metabolic  response  to dietary changes and food consumption pattern that definitely have an impact on human health and well-being.


  • To    prepare   graduates  to    function   as    nutrition professionals   towards meeting changing nutritional needs of the society
  • To  generate scholarly academic and research  based knowledge for Food and Nutrition
  • To  prepare the  graduates for  appointments   against higher positions in  teaching/research   organizations, medical colleges,  hospitals  and food  and beverages companies

M Phil Nutrition and Dietetics

List of Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ND-701 Nutrition in Health and Disease 3(3-0)
ND-702 Global Food and Nutrition Issues 3(3-0)
ND-703 Advanced Dietetics and Applied Nutrition 3(2-1)
ND-704 Analytical Techniques in Human Nutrition 3(0-3)
ND-705 Research Methods in Human Nutrition 3(3-0)
STAT-706 Bio-statistics 3(3-0)
ND-707 Recent Advances in Human Nutrition and Dietetics 3(3-0)
ND-708 Special Problem (A Pilot Research Project) 2(0-2)
ND-709 Seminar (synopsis Defence) 1(1-0)
ND-710 Thesis 6(0-6)
ND-711 Need-based Human Nutrition 3(3-0)
ND-712 Strategic Plan Combating  Nutritional Deficiencies 3(2-1)
ND-713 Nutritional Management in Disasters 3(3-0)