DND Viva

On 5th July Students of DND Batch 2012 presented their research report, in front of the panel which Included Mrs. Beenish Israr as an external member and Prof. Dr. Syed Jawwad Husain, Ms. Saira Tanweer, Ms Nida IFtikhar, Ms. Sabah Yasin and Ms. Nizwa Qamar as Scrutiny Committee member and Supervisors of different Students. Following research topics were presented

  1. Nutritional status of urban area government versus private primary school Children with special reference to anemia. Sana Zahid and Rumsha Fayyaz.
  2. Glycemic response of carbonated verses non-carbonated drinks in normal and overweight individuals. Mariam Waheed and Nuria Waseem.
  3. Nutritional Assessment of adolescent University Girls. Nabila Kanwal and Zubia Ayub.
  4. Effect of skipping breakfast on BMI and academic performance in university girls. Sidra Hanif and Noor Fatima.
  5. Screening of potential diabetics from University employees as influenced by age, BMI, and genetic. Sana Mohsin and Fizza Ilyas.
  6. Blood pressure pattern in normal and overweight employees affected by BMI and job position. Kiran Rafique and Zargoona Dilawar

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