Semester-VIComments Off on HEAT TRANSFER-II

Credit hours:3(2-1

Prerequisites: After third semester

Specific objectives of the course:

To develop the concept of heat transfer in chemical engineering

Course Outline:

Heat transfer with phase change; Condensation and boiling heat transfer and designing of single component condensers.

Evaporation: Heat transfer in evaporators, Single effect evaporators, Multiple-effect evaporators, The calculation of multiple-effect systems, comparison of forward and backward feeds, vapour compression evaporators, The heat pump cycle, Evaporator operation, Equipments for evaporation.

Lab Outline:

Heat transfer through insulated pipes, co-current and counter-current heat exchanger, efficiency of evaporators, comparison of thermal efficiency and operation of heat exchangers, estimation of thermal conductivity, heat transfer through series of insulating blocks, heat transfer during mixing

Text and references:

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